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Ranks [IC/OOC]

Nüür Khuudas

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Tribe Leadership
The tribe leadership is composed of the female Khatagtai and her mate, if applicable.


o Khatagtai [Lead Female]: Khantyer Dotharl 
A label, though misunderstood prior, reclaimed and stands as the one who leads in whole the tribe of Nüür Khuudas. Her position is without contest, refined and maintained through continued bouts of strength and will and a determination to see the whole of the tribe kept secure and prospering.


o Ikh Ezen [Lead Male]: [ open ]
This is the mate to the Khatagtai and equal in command. This role is blessed to one that has taken the heart of the Khatagtai and has earned his place within the Tribe through care and trial. His position is without contest, preserved by his own strength and will, as he is to aid to the well-being of the tribe as a whole and ensure the safety of those within alongside the Khatagtai.
     ☼ IC Requirements: Having the will and drive to assume this position is only part of it. As the Khatagtai values strength and one's ability to lead, such are the qualities that will be looked for in a partner, as well as the care her mate would take with the tribe. This would mean BONDING with tribemates outside of the the Khatagtai, participating and aiding in daily activities and events, and overall having an agreeable relationship with most within the tribe.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming, Rite of Fortitude, Trial of Constitution, Rite of Courtship, Rite of the First Mate.
     ☼ OOC Requirements: Membership within the tribe for no less than 30 days, main combat class to 70 (up-to-date) on current content is preferred.




The Council
The council is composed of Elder Siblings who have taken on additional key roles within the tribe.


o Khaalgachiin [Caretaker]: [ closed ]
Not only skillful with crafting arts, but of the land as well, the Khaalgachiiin stands as the epitome of the tradecraft arts (as well as keeping the tribe well-fed). For those that do not take to the field in battle but to forage from the earth, or would better see their brothers and sisters well-guarded with wares by their own hands, are encouraged to speak with this keeper and lend their aid, as well as better learn their art or share what they have learned.


o Surgagch [Trainer]: Ahjier Urumet
There is no life without conflict, no peace without war, yet it is the role of the Surgagch to ensure that should there be a call to arms, those that would fight are well and able. A master of various arts and a lending hand to those in need, this trainer exhibits a balance between the physical and the arcane, that they may guide the willing (even if not necessarily the strongest) to aid their kin in arms.


o Zövlökh [Tribe Advisor]: Yesulun Qestir

A mediator, a guide, a bridge between the ruling of the Council and the will of the Heart of the tribe. Such is the burden of one named Zövlökh. The will of the Heart and the Zaluu are received and understood, then counselled to guide them along paths to ease their concerns. They are knowledgeable in the workings of the tribe as well as its traditions, and stand as a guidepost to both the knowing and not.




The Heart
Just as the body cannot live without a heart, thus can a tribe not be without those within it. Governed by the Akhmad, the newly inducted and veteran alike are guided into the sects where their skills would prove most useful. They are treated as equal, each an essential part to keep the tribe alive and thriving.


o Akhmad [Elder Sibling]: Ganzorig Dotharl & [ open ]
The Governor/Governess of the Heart. Their insight both in and out of conflict is a cherished trait, one which is used to ease the many members into roles that best fit their abilities. Their role is to also minimize conflict within the tribe as much as possible, only taking concerning cases to the Council if they cannot find a resolution for the conflict themselves.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming, and one other Rite/Trial [of the applicant's choosing] MUST be completed.


o Tarialanch [Caretaker Sibling]: Healers/Well-being
While most are known to have an understanding of how to feed and mend oneself, there are those that take the extra step to ensure the keep is in health and good spirits.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
     ☼ OOC Requirements: The applicant must have either [All healer classes to 30 and Culinarian OR Alchemist to 30] or [One healer class to 60 AND either Culinarian OR Alchemist to 30] BEFORE speaking to the Khaalgachiin about their position.

o Baildagch [Warring Sibling]: Content
The warriors, hunters, and born fighters; these are the defenses of the tribe to keep it whole. The toughened skin and scale resilient against the forces of even Nature herself. These are the first to be called upon in times of conflict, as well as a lending hand to those that need it whether in battle or on a hunt.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
     ☼ OOC Requirements: The applicant must have at least 2 alternate classes to 60. [1 dps/1 tank, 1 tank/1 healer, etc] OR 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and 1 DPS class to 50 BEFORE speaking to the Surgagch about their position.
This rank does NOT automatically put you on an Endgame static. Placement is determined by overall adaptability to Endgame fights and mechanics as well as personal schedules. [ You are NOT obligated to participate in Endgame content, however it is STRONGLY encouraged. If not, keepers of this rank ARE obligated to assist those either leveling or in need of content progression. ]


o Ajil [Tradecraft Sibling]: Crafters/Gatherers
Menders of garments, hunters for the home, and foragers of the lands. These are the lifeblood of the tribe for they ensure all within are clothed and the larders are never empty.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry, Rite of Naming
     ☼ OOC Requirements: The Applicant must have either [ALL crafting/gathering classes to 30] or [THREE specialist classes to 60] BEFORE speaking to the Khatagtai about their interest in the position.


o Ahk Düü [Siblings]: All-Arounds
The whole of the tribe, those whose Rite has been recognized and given peace to be called kin among the whole. These are you brothers and sisters to aid in all things.
     ☼ Rites Completed: Rite of Entry


o Khüükhed [Young Siblings]: Aegirbataar Dotharl, Bragaltan Oronir, Mohmmubayan Qestir, Zi’batu Buduga
The children, who live with and are cared for by the rest of the tribe.




The Untested
Any child born of the Dawn Father and Dusk Mother may seek entry into the tribe, though their will is to be observed and tested. 


o Zaluu
These under trial, the Zaluu, while are not to be treated unkindly, are not wholly deemed kin to the tribe until assessed. They are granted access to the home, but their actions are monitored. They are permitted no guests beyond the tribe until their Rite of Entry has been fulfilled.

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