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Hello fellow rp'ers

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Hi everyone, I'm quite familiar with this site but never registered during 1.0 since I was on a different server during the time. Well anyways, let me introduce myself. I am a veteran rp'er who's rped in several systems, D&D, BESM, and even the fan-made Final Fantasy System Returners. I have been played majority of the Final Fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy XI and XIV. (1.0).


I've decided to join up since with the soon-to-be release of A Realm Reborn, I figured I would start my love of roleplaying in the new version; especially since being a survivor of Dalamud's decent makes great backstory fodder. Now, hopefully Balmung will be a legacy-friendly server since I will (hopefully) transfer my 1.0 character, Iacon Dawnshire there.

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Hello! Welcome to zee RPC. I believe it's been stated that old the old servers with weapon names will return as legacy servers and new servers will have the mob based names. Anyone recall if legacy -> legacy transfer is a thing? I'm blanking.

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