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[Any Server] Gay male miqo player seeking casual RP friends

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Thread title should give the basic idea of what I'm looking for/what I can offer.  However, there are some more details I would like to add as well. 


1. I prefer other miqo/cat boys (no "older" faces please). Hyur midlander boys may be fine too. A short, cute elezen guy might work as well.  Not interested in roes, lala's or Au Ra.   I'm not interested in roleplaying with female characters. 


2.  I have some low level (cat boy) characters on Balmung.  I may be willing to make a character on your server/another server of your choice if requested.  I can definitely come up with backgrounds for my characters if anyone is interested or help you with your character's background if you like. 


3.  Very "weird" looking characters aren't really my thing.  For example, characters with green/purple/blue hair with pink highlights covered in purple face paint, tattoos, scars etc. sorry, but no thanks. Basically, if your character looks like something the random generator came up with, I probably won't be interested.   I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to character design.  A "little" weirdness might be fine though. 


4.  I can be flexible with play times.  I do have discord.  I do not use Skype.


5. I am interested in potential Erp partners/romantic interests in RP.  Short or Long term RP may work for me depending on the details.  I would prefer to start with something very casual and basic.  Not interested in public channel or forum RP.  Please read below for more details on this.  



I would say I'm a reasonably casual person in general.  I don't have any desire to get hardcore about gaming/raiding or RPing. I like to pursue things at a relaxed and calm pace.  No pressure. No drama.  No rushing. 


I will say up front that I do not have much experience RPing in MMO's and what experience I do have with RPers in MMO's hasn't been the best.  In my past experience, RPers in MMO's tend to expect instant RP on demand/command and expect it to instantly meet their standards and if these expectations aren't immediately met, they quickly drop you.  I'm definitely not looking for any of this hardcore/elitist mentality.  I'm looking for friends, not people to service. 


All that being said, I will also add that I do have experience with RPing outside of MMO's, mostly on instant messengers. I'm also a fiction writer, so I do know a thing or two about writing/developing stories, settings and characters.  I haven't done any real RPing in years though, so I know I will be quite rusty.  So, yeah... if you're looking for instant gratification, I'm probably not the best choice. 


I have social anxiety in real life.  I tend to be shy and keep to myself in FF14, though I'm not really antisocial at all, I love interacting with friendly people, hanging out, doing things together in game etc. once I've got to know the person a bit and grown comfortable with them I open up more.  I'm just bad at going up to people in game and starting conversations.  As a result, I'm terrible at instant RP on approach.  I freeze up, much like a shy person would and don't know how to respond and tend to just pretend I'm afk or didn't see the message. 


If you really want to RP with me, you will probably need to invest some time into just hanging out a bit at first in game. I will need to get to know you a bit, get a feel for you and your character and what you're looking for and see if we click. 


If I had to give an example of what I wish I could find, it would be another miqo boy that just wants to hang out, run around and do some fates/quests, have fun together and see where things lead.  No pressure, no serious expectations, no strings.  if we end up RPing/Erping, thats awesome. If we end up just hanging out and doing fates/having fun playing the game together, then thats awesome too.  


I think one of the most important things for me is: if the RP/Erp is going to happen, it needs to develop naturally and not just be some instant hookup.  We need to hang out for a bit as acquaintances/friends, wait and see if that evolves into casual flirting/joking around/foreplay etc. then let it flow naturally into the mood for an Erp.


Very casual RP, in and out of character as we feel like it may be the best approach, at least, in the beginning.  Coming up with a casual story canon for our characters as we hang out is fine with me, for example if we just run around and do fates for a while we can pretend our characters just met up and are having an adventure together.  Constant in-character dialogue is not necessary and I prefer not to have to type brackets around every single OOC thing I say. 

Anyway, I think that about covers all that needs to be said for now.  Please post a reply or questions in the thread if you're interested at all.  More personal details/questions can be PM'd to me. Linkshell/FC suggestions are welcome if you think they apply to what I'm looking for. 

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