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Magic for disciples of war

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Just wondering if any DoW can use magic. After playing a little bit of conjurer and thaumaturge, I notice their skills are restricted to only DoM. I haven't spent much time playing the beta (as much as the character creator) so I'm just wondering if it opens up that option later on.

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Ice and Fire Spells are strictly THM/BLM. Not even CNJ or WHM can use those ones.


In fact, the only offensive THM spells that CNJ can use is ThunderI/II/III. And the above mentioned Surecast and swiftcast.


On the flip side. Of all CNJ skills, THM can only use the support ones (Cure, Protect, Stoneskin etc.) And the basic levels of Stone and Aero. The higher stone and aero are CNJ only. The Cleric Stance skill from CNJ can also be used by THM (Increases offensive spell dmg by 10%, decreases healing spells by 20%)



So even the DoM classes are restricted in what they can equip cross-class. The DoW classes have similar restrictions as well, a lot of the abilities not being able to be cross-classes.

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