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Another joins the herd

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Hey there, one and all!  


I heard distant whisperings of a place like this on various other forums, and after solidifying my interest in A Realm Reborn, I tracked you guys down, and am interested in getting involved in this community.  


A bit about myself, then: I am 24 years old, male.  Live in the cold, foggy northern part of California.  I am a small time writer with a collection of local and national publications under my belt, in addition to being a freelance editor.  I love music.  I love stories.  And I have been recently looking to rekindle my love for roleplaying. 


I cut my MMO teeth on FFXI for several years before switching to WoW and discovering MMO style roleplay.  I loved a lot of it; the stories, the interactions, the additional depth to the game.  I wasn't so on board with a lot of the cliquish and closed communities but I met a lot of people roleplay that I still talk to to this day.  (Including my girlfriend whom I've been with for three years next month.) I briefly played 14 before it collapsed and I loved what I saw of the world.  


I am mostly interested in getting to know folks around here and possibly getting into a linkshell.  I really loved the sense of community that FFXI fostered and would be thrilled if some of that carried over from there.

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Hello^.^ and welcome! (The "cold, foggy northern part of California"?? I think that I would love to live there!)


Hahaha.  It really isn't as fun as it sounds.  Our seasons range from foggy to slightly less foggy-maybe-it's-bluesky-oh-wait-that's-just-more-fog-nevermind.  



Welcome! If you loved what you saw of 1.0's world.. oh man. ARR is mind-blowing.


I have a screenshot folder full to the brim from just this latest beta test weekend.  The world of ARR has me stopping every couple of seconds and turning into a tourist.  I love it.  


Thanks for the warm welcome!  I'm looking forward to being a part of a community like this one.

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