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Hyltwakka Ahldbharsyn

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Age: 29 Years Old. (348 Moons) (Born in 1548? Current year 1577?)

Height: Significantly, but not unnaturally, shorter than the average Roegadyn.

Weight: Hyltwakka is not the strongest or most muscular Roegadyn, although he's hardly let himself go. Through a mixture of spiritual and physical exercises, the man keeps a considerably muscular body with just a small layer of firm fat.

Hair: Thick, black and more or less well groomed. It's clear that Hyltwakka is trying to impress the rarely impressed Gridanians.

Eyes: A verdant green, full of warmth and life.

Details: In addition to the two black streaks beneath his eyes, Hyltwakka has the symbol of Nophica tattooed in light black ink on the undersides of his forearms, leaves reaching toward his palms. He also has a gold hoop earring through each ear, with a second smaller one on the right ear.




Misc. Notes: Most commonly seen with a faint but gentle smile, smelling of freshly cut herbs or exotic incense from the Conjurer's guild, Hyltwakka is followed closely by a young mandragora that "answers" to the name of Sprout. Occasionally Sprout will be seen perched on Hyltwakka's shoulder or clinging to one of the man's boots as he strides through Gridania and the surrounding areas of the Twelveswood.




Hyltwakka trains sporadically at Stillglade Fane with the conjurers of Gridania, but more often he is found performing tasks for the inhabitants of the Greatloam Growery, also known as the Botanist's Guild. In his free time, and even while working, he's been known to travel the many forests of Eorzea, watching and studying various types of seedkin, which is how he came to meet and befriend his small leafed companion.




Hyltwakka's life started much the same way as any other Sea Wolf in Limsa Lominsa. His mother Ryssanka, the skilled fisher with her own boat, his father Ahldbhar the chef and merchant, their house, crowded, smelling of salt water and fresh bread. His brothers and sisters, all much older than him, tended to brush him off as useless, a nuisance really, even his own mother had little time for the smallest pup in her pack. His father, the one solid rock in his life, gave him his name and taught him the basics of cooking and trading before he died in the tenth year of Hyltwakka's life. After four years of managing his father's business and growing increasingly distant from his family, Hyltwakka set out from Limsa Lominsa with only a small portion of the gil he'd earned. Taking odd jobs here and there, Hyltwakka was still unable to provide for himself and turned to those who claimed they could. After almost five more years of being pushed around, taken advantage of and stabbed in the back, Hyltwakka's anger was practically a tangible part of him. He resented everyone and everything, himself above all else, for not deserving the respect of his family, for not enduring the cold silence of his previous life just a little longer, for not being strong enough for this new life he'd chosen... With the last of his gil, Hyltwakka drank himself stupid and bought an airship ticket, the last thing he remembered was nearly falling off of the ship, which he believed was headed for Ul'dah. Thankfully for him an elezen in rich green robes had grabbed him by his collar and pulled him back to the center of the ship, which was in fact headed for Gridania, where Hyltwakka would spend the next ten years of his life. 


Disclaimer: No, Hyltwakka is not related to the lore character Ahldbhar, I did not know of this character when I created mine.



I. Basic Info 


II. RP Style 

  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
    Medium-Heavy. I pick and choose what makes sense for my characters and what I want to happen to them. If I fall in combat via game mechanics, please don't take that IC until I acknowledge it through an emote. If I'm running around some random city, please don't approach me IC until I sit down, emote or begin walking.
  • Views on RP combat and injuries:
    I will avoid RP combat like the plague. Every time I've seen it, it has gone horribly wrong and devolved into OOC bickering. I have, however, created "throw away" and "persistent" villain NPCs for story-lines. I will occasionally "control" them to give people something to fight. Never is my own ego attached to these villains, as such I have no issue (and actually encourage) killing them off. During the RP, all attacks are attempts. 
  • Views on IC romance:
    In the past I've resorted to putting my characters together romantically. Romance, love and affection can add much-needed layers to characters, so I have no issue getting into that kind of RP, as long as it's kept appropriate. I do, however, need to know that the other person is 18 years or older. (Even if all they do is kiss, hug or act flirty with each other.) I am gay, and unusually picky about my characters' types, so I understand if they never find what they're looking for. 
    (Hint: My Roegadyn will have a quiet, honorable fondness for Wildwood Elezen and possibly Moonkeeper Miqo'te.)
  • Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
    I don't, at this time, have any interest in a family for my Roegadyn.
  • Views on lore:
    Lore is important to the integrity of a roleplay community, and I have always done my best to adhere to it. At the same time, however, the lore can never begin to account for all aspects of every character. There are almost always exceptions to what's put down in front of us, and you can be a perfectly good, respectable role-player while bending the lore a bit. It's only when you BREAK lore that you need to worry.
Bending Lore:
Male Miqo'te, captured and "raised" by Amalj'aa. 
Breaking Lore:
Male Miqo'te, born with a lizard tail and tongue. Claims to be from some place called Tamriel, where his Khajiit, Argonian and Bosmer parents sent him through a portal to save his life. Wait-... Three parents? What?  
Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
I wouldn't know yet, I'll probably go with the flow here.



III. Other Info 










Just some words I like that I might use for a name.


Ahld Old

Ahrm Arm

Berk Mountain

Bhald Bold/Brave

Bhar Bear

Brem Bramble

Broes Chest

Byrm Tree

Byrga Protector

Byrt Axe

Cwaen  Pine

Denkyr Thinking

Dornn Thorn

Eidin Oath

Elak Elk

Eyha Oak

Eyn One

Falk Falcon

Fyst Fist

Gara Skin

Gheb Give

Greh Calm

Gryne Green

Guol Glorious

Gybet Prayer

Haemr Hammer

Haerz Heart

Hald Kind

Hanth Hand

Herl Elder

Hylt Forest

Saem Seed

Slaf Sleeping

Stael Still

Ryss Giant

Solk Blessed

Sterr Strong

Stymm Voice

Swyg Silent

Toeg Secret

Toff Deep

Toum Dream

Tyrn Tower

Ulm Elm

Waeb Weave

Waht Guard

Wakk Awake/Woken

Ward Watch

Zedyr Cedar


Grehfyst - Calm Fist

Solkhylt - Blessed Forest

Solkeyn - Blessed One

Ahldeyn - Old One

Bharbroes - Bearchest

Hyltryss - Forest Giant

Saemwarda - Seedwatcher

Grynegara - Greenskin

Grehanth - Calmhand

Sterrbroes - Strongchest

Solkryss - Blessed Giant

Haldeyn - Kindone

Haldberk - Kindmountain

Hyltwakka - Forest Awakener


Moen Moon


Hyltwakka Ahldbharsyn


I don't even know if Roegadyn would refer to food in the old tongue, but they seem very fond of both tradition AND food... So I put this together, using the Roegadyn dictionary. I suppose I have Aehtel Strand to thank, for putting together the post "The foods! FOOD!" found here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=2277 which really got me interested in the idea of food in Eorzea... I just might have to make my Roegadyn a Culinarian...


Some words might be off slightly. I wasn't sure what to do to make Herb/Smoke/Boil into Herbed/Smoked/Boiled, so I chose either ING (n) or Y (i) depending on what sounded right. If something seems completely off, let me know. Also, some dishes / ingredients might not seem typical for Roegadyn, but might be something other races eat. Frog Legs, for example, I would relate to Wildwood Elezen (whose names sound very french).




Complete Examples

Ruhtnlahz (Smoking Salmon)

Wurtiwyrst (Herbed Sausage)

Ahlahct (River Eel)

Skapfmaga (Sheep Stomach)

Elakbhrat (Elk Meat)

Aenthaerz (Duck Heart)

Fruskbenn (Frog Leg)

Sunnfhis (Sun Fish)

Wallimhol (Boiled Eft)

Pfefilorh (Peppered Rabbit)

Pfrymcwin (Plum Wine)

Zoeropyl (Sour Apple)

Swozbera (Sweet Berry)

Eifakyrss (Bitter Cherry)

Flazswaen (Flat Mushroom)

Noezbrot (Walnut Bread)

Saelzisaem (Salty Seed)

Bornfaez (Boar Fat)



Lahz = Salmon

Maga = Stomach

Benn = Leg

Bhrat = Meat

Ahl = Eel

Aent = Duck

Born = Boar

Elak = Elk

Faez = Fat

Fhis (Fhisk) = Fish

Folg = Bird

Frusk = Frog

Gaez = Goat

Haerz = Heart

Lorh = Rabbit

Mhol = Salamander/Eft

Ramm = Ram

Rael = Doe

Skapf = Sheep

Spaer = Sparrow

Urs = Auroch

Wyrn = Snake



Bera = Berry

Eyhil = Acorn

Kest = Chestnut

Kyrss = Cherry

Loef = Leaf

Frut = Fruit

Noez = Walnut

Opyl = Apple

Pfef = Pepper

Pfrym = Plum

Saem = Seed

Swaen = Mushroom

Weitz = Wheat

Brot = Bread



Ruhtn = Smoking

Wurti = Herbed/Herby

Ahct = River

Eifa = Bitter

Fhil = Yellow

Flaz = Flat

Flekk = Spotted

Hezz = Hot

Kelt = Cold

Merl = Sea

Rhot = Red

Rymm = Frost

Saelz = Salt

Sunn = Sun

Swar = Black

Swoz = Sweet

Swyn = Round

Sylb = Silver

Thosin = Grey

Waem = Warm

Wall = Boil

Wilt = Wild

Zoer = Sour



Bhir = Ale

Cwin = Wine

Tu = Dew

Wyta = Water




[align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]

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Updated with a full profile, also seeking connections. 




-Healing / Search and Rescue / Assisting fellow Conjurers 

-Herb Gathering / Distributing 

-Interacting with the forest / elementals / sylphs / seedkin / ixal 

-Helping newcomers settle into or navigate Gridania

-Random journeys / adventures

-Meeting platonic female (or male) friends of any race

-Meeting male friends (especially of the Moon Keeper or Wildwood race) for potential romance

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