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Why Chocobo Knight Will Never be a Class...

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Imagine yourself in the thick of battle.  Garlean forces are raining artillery fire upon you, and all around men breath their last as the light drains from their eyes.  Perched upon your armored chocobo you charge the enemy's lines, sword in hand, eager to repay them for the destruction they've wrought.  The first enemy you come upon looks paralyzed by fear.  He's barely a man, not even any whiskers yet.  Probably his first battle.  You wonder if he has a mother back home who told him not to go to war.  Maybe she's sick, and he had to to afford medecine.  Maybe he bought in to all that imperial propoganda, and he's just a misguided kid.  You push those thoughts from your mind as you raise your sword and with a mighty shout, bring it down.  You split the boy's skull in a burst of crimson, and he falls dead to the ground. 


Now imagine all of that with this in the background...










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Implying this doesn't specifically urge me to put as many children into an early grave as possible.







I wanted nothing more than to put that as far behind me as possible; and you bring it crashing back.


By the twelve I'd knew this day would come.


*Throws self off bridge*

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