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Greetings all,


I recently created a new character on Phoenix and I am currently in the process of meeting other RPers with the ultimate goal of establishing a thriving RP community here.


I have experience with running a fairly large and successful RP LS on Odin, and I am hoping to do the same on Phoenix.


Please feel free to contact me on Discord if you are interested or if you have any questions you'd like to ask.


Discord: Yukimura#1875

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Hello Yukimura!

I'm quite new to all this, but I would like to learn a bit more. I have tried to contact you on Discord, but if a hassle, I'm also available on Ul'Dah@Phoenix, being Kane De'rega there.

All the good!


P.S. We got already in contact on Discord. For anybody else reading this post, I'm still open for a contact.

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