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The Rising Beast

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The audience stamped their feet and beat their chests raw inwild bloodthirsty cries that rang in Dogberry's ears like the taunting cry of savages before an unholy feast. No. Mustn't lose focus. You can win this. Dogberry gathered his wits. The other Roegadyn in the ring, an old aqcuaintance named Gazgul now turned mortal enemy for tonight's paltry purse, squared up on Dogberry, and lifted his giant fists to guard his face. His opponent smirked a challenge at him.

"Just like the docks back in the day, eh, Dog?" heasked, in a thick Lominsan growl.


"Not exactly," Dogberry said, raising his fists toreturn the challenge.


The bell rang and both men circled each other, looking for aweakness. Gaz lashed out first and connected with Dogberry's jaw.  He barely flinched at the jab. Dogberry tookthe opportunity to place a one-two combo on to Gazgul's body. As he stepped in, Gazgul clinched Dogberry in with a great bear hug, trying to squeeze the air out of him.


The referee cried foul, but in reality he wasn't there to enforce the rules so much as end the fight before either man died.


A left hook to the temple loosend Gazgul's grip and Dogberry was able to get some distance between himself and his opponent.


The crowd began a steady, rhythmic chant. Dogberry for amoment found himself somewhere else.


The salt of the ocean on the air, and the crash of the waves against his boat almost sent him reeling. He remembered tapping out a beat on the bottom of the boat as his men rowed toward the beast.


"Put your backs into it, you bastards!" Dogberry remembered shouting. "This... thing is just another trophy on our walls!"


A punch rocked Dogberry's abdomen, sending him back to reality. Gazgul didn't relent, and delivered a flurry of blows that pushed Dogberry to the side of the cage. Dogberry's only escape was to land a headbutt that connected on the bridge of Gazgul's nose. 


Gazgul staggered back, his nose bleeding heavily. The crowd roared, and the referee complained once more, but his cry was overtaken by the crowd.


It brought him back to the sea, speeding toward the giant beast rising in the water. The beasts cries mimic'd the combined calls for blood he was hearing now. Dogberry remembered raising his spear. It felt so good in his hands, like it was a part of him. He reached back and let it fly. As he let it go, he caught a glimpse of the moon.


He could feel the beast rising up from under him. In him.Something about that moon He felt it, cold and ominous, washing over him.


And then nothing.


The referee raised Dogberry's hand, and he snapped back to reality. He looked down at Gazgul's twitching body on the floor.


For a brief moment, Dogberry pondered the memory of five years ago, and the present he was living now, and wondered which one he would rather be living.

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