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Zietes' Prologue [Closed]

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My mother always told me that everything happens for a reason. My sister always told me that mother was crazy, as to my father....well he spent too much time out of the house to tell me anything.

Life in Ala Mhigo was never easy for my parents. Mother always spent her time away from Father wishing that he was home, while my sister relied on me for guidance. However, this didn't stop us from creating memories. I remember spending days traversing through the city with my sister just to eye all the adventurers which were passing by. I was always inspired by those knights in shining armors. The way they carried themselves and the way they carried their swords, it was truly amazing. Then there were the times I spent in the fields looking up at the starry night sky with my sister. I can remember a specific time when she asked me what I thought life was like outside of Ala Mhigo. I replied telling her that I didn't really know but that someday I'd explore the world and bring her all sorts of artifacts!

My sister was always my main inspiration in life to be honest. Even though she was seven years old at the time, she gave me something to hold on to. We spent our time together, and never lost sight of each other. Mother was happy with us most of the time since we were never really the type of kids to go around stealing or anything. There were occassions though where she would sit in the kitchen and cry softly to herself. My sister would ask me why Mother cried. What reason did she have for it? I simply replied by telling her that I didn't quite know, but that I'm sure it would be fine. I lied....I knew exactly what was happening. I knew Mother cried due to her feeling of loneliness. Father spent most of his time out of the city with the Ala Mhigo military forces. This isn't to say that he didn't love his family, it's just that he wanted what was best for us and being part of the military paid quite a nice amount.

Everything happens for a reason....right?

Then there was the attack. It had been a beautiful day from what I've read, and of course me and my sister were oblivious to anything occurring outside of our city. Mother always tried to shield us of all the evil in the world, but eventually that would catch up to us. It'd catch up to all of us. I woke up that day to my mother screaming at me to get up. Disoriented and confused from the wake up I had no idea what was going on. âWe have to go now Zietes! Hurry!â She screamed at me. We ran out of the house and as I looked around I could see nothing but destroyed buildings and the remains of a battle. Ala Mhigo's day had finally come.

I stood there in horror only to look at my sister and find her crying. Mother grabbed us both and began to run with us. All around us we could see fighting and death. âWhere are we going!?â I asked her, she did not reply. We continued to run as our city fell all around us, and all hope for us seemed to vanish so suddenly. As we ran I looked up at the sky only to see a a great ball of fire coming straight at us. I realized what was about to happen and then the fireball struck the ground near us. Instantly we were sent flying from the force and I was knocked unconscious. What happened during that time I will never know.

I awoke some time later. As I opened my eyes all I could see before me was total obliteration. Everything around me had crumbled and I slowly got up with the small amount of energy I had. My arm was hurt....broken most likely. Blood ran down my head, probably from the hit against the wall. Immedietely I thought of mother and sister and looked around for them. I searched through the piles of dead bodies, digging through any that I could. Nothing. There was no signs of them. Perhaps they were still alive I thought...

I continued moving through, trying to find any signs of life. The battle could still be heard in parts of the city...it seemed as if it wasn't over just yet. I headed for the keep which is where any Ala Mhigo forces would be found at. I had to be careful however, there were Garlean troops searching for survivors in these parts, and even some still fighting our military forces. As I arrived I saw a group of soldiers fighting, protecting some citizens behind them. That's when I saw them. It was my father and his companions fending off some Garlean troops to protect mother, sister, and some of the other citizens. I smiled and stood there watching, and I slowly began to make my way to them. As I was almost there though, a Garlean took notice of me as well as my mother and the rest of the troops. The enemy charged at me and my eyes widened as I put my hands infront of my face as if it were going to protect me. Suddenly I felt a push and I fell on my back. I looked up to see my Father resisting the attacker, then suddenly pushing him back and stabbing him with his sword. He picked me up and took me with him to the rest of the survivors and his squad. We all began to run, our choices were to either escape now or die with the rest of the city.

âWhere were you?â Mother asked me

âI don't know....â I replied.

She was happy to see me and sister hugged me tightly. As we ran we fled into a forest, slowly we marched from there. My father and mother talked to each other....I don't remember about what, my head was so scrambled at the time. I turned to my sister and noticed the look of fear in her eyes as she held my hand and walked.

âHey...it's going to be okay...â

âI...I'm scared....â

âDon't be, you've got your big brother right beside you don't you?â

She nodded and smiled at me. I'll never forget that look on her face. That look of hope, that look that said âI trust you, and you'll take care of me no matter whatâ

Sounds of steeds could be heard from behind us and we all realized we had been found out. Once again we began to run away as fast as we could. I held my sisters hand as we ran and mother ran next to us with father. As we ran though I felt my sister fall, and my hand let go of hers. Shocked I turned around to see her with her foot stuck. My mother tried to help her and time was wasting. They were catching up.

âWe have to go!â My father yelled at her

âNot without her!â Mother yelled back

I ran back towards them and tried to help my sister. We weren't being successful. My father grunted, looked at us, then began to walk away.

âWhat are you doing?â I asked him.

âI can't leave them! I have to save them all, it's my duty!â

âWe're your family! Have you forgotten that Father!?â

âNo....but I have orders to keep...â And with that he ran to catch the group.


We stood there shocked. We couldn't believe what was happening. I looked at mother and I swear I could see the life slowly fading away from her body. I finally got my sister unstuck and grabbed my mother's hand to bring her along, but she would not budge.

âMom! We have to go!â I said.


âMother now is not the time! Everthing happens for a reason! Remember!?â

She turned to me, her eyes a dull color. âBut not always for a good one...â

Suddenly a figure passed by at high speed and mother's head came off. Sister screamed....I only stared in disgust. Not only at what had happened...but at what she had told me. It's as if a knife had struck my heart at that moment. That response to what she had always told me was the eqiuvalent of someone telling you that things don't always happen with good intentions or because they'll lead to other ones, but that sometimes things simply happen to make situations worse.

I turned and ran into the woods with my sister. They were searching for us now and we needed to finally get out. We hid under a nearby trunk and sat there quietly hoping we wouldn't be found. The time passed and before we knew it we were sound asleep. We awoke hours later, and it was now day light. I had no idea if the remaining Garlean forces had left or not, but it was now or never. We came out of our hiding spot and walked around trying to find an exit to the woods we found ourselves in. Soon enough we found ourselves out of those wretched woods. In the distance the remains of Ala Mhigo could be seen. An entire city...gone. It was simply unimaginable.

There was no time for sorrow though, and I knew this. I needed to look after her...she was all I had left. I looked at my sister and suddenly my heart ached, as if I could feel her pain.

âCome on...we have to go...â I told her softly.


I sighed and turned to her, âHe's not coming back...he's gone.â

âBut he said-â

âEverything he needed to. Don't you see...he doesn't want us, nor did he want mother. It's just you and me from now on. We have to look after each other.â

The sorrow in her eyes could be noted once reality struck, yet you could still see that she did not fully understand what was going on. Father's act had left her in a state of confusion, and at the same time it had left me with confusion. But all I could feel towards him was hate and disgust. Even know that is all I feel...

We traveled after that. Village to village we went, never really settling down at first. Finally however we settled in a town not too far from Limsa Lominsa. Our life there was peaceful, the other villagers took us in with many kind offerings and over time we began to have a normal life. However, over time I could tell sister was not well. I attempted to teach her how to stand up for herself as she matured, I tried to teach her to be as those Knights were in our childhood. But she grew weak, all she would do was weep, mourn, and whine about her life and past. It sickened me that she had become so weak, and I found it so pitiful. She was now just like the rest of them....weak with no power to defend themselves. Just as Ala Mhigo was...and just as Mother had been. But alas...

âEverything happens for a reason...â

Her Depression became worse...she felt more distant then ever. I tried comforting her as much as I could, telling her not to worry, that at least I would always be by her side. She cried to me.

âI can see her Zietes....in my dreams. I see her standing there...her eyes blank and her head

dismembered. She looks at me, as if I were the one to blame for all of this. For Father's

leaving, and for her death.â

âIt wasn't your fault....it needed to ha-â

âStop saying that! If I hadn't have gotten stuck. If I hadn't been such a burden on you all,

everything could have been fine now.â

âBut sis...it's okay. You're what I care about. It makes me happy just to have you with me...â

âDon't lie to me...â

âI'm not-â


I sat there....looking at her. She hated herself because she didn't know who else to blame this all on. It wasn't her fault entirely...but she didn't realize that, she didn't let herself come to that conclusion. Her mind was set....the damage was done.

The next day as I traveled out on my usual work route, gathering herbs for the town Alchemist, I found something. Happily I picked up the object thinking it could cheer her up, and continued my work. I headed back home a few hours later. As I approached our home people were gathering around it. Confused and scared I ran towards it to see what had happened. Moving all the townsfolk aside I ran inside only to find her on the bed...blood surrounded her.

âNo....no..noo..noo!â I screamed as I walked to the side of the bed and held her in my arms. âWhy!? How could you do this to yourself! Don't you know you idiot! You were my everything, my one and only!â I cried....never had my heart been in so much pain. I sat there for what felt like eternity. I just held her...


Everything happens for a reason, does it not mother? However it doesn't always happen for the right reason. I swore to protect her...I promised her, but I failed. I let her grow weak, I let her turn out just as you and Father had. As I walked out of the room, I reached into my pocket to pull out a shining stone. It was rare to find a stone such as this...kid's say they're treasure all the time. Maybe that's why I picked it up for her....after all, I'd travel the world to bring her beauties found in the most ancient of places. That's what we agreed on in the end under that last starry night.

I promise you however...that we will see each other again, and anything or anyone that attempts to stop me in achieving this goal shall fall before me, be it man or beast. The story is not yet over, we shall one day lie down in the grass again...looking up at the night sky and dreaming, and you shall hold your head up strong again, just as you did when we were kids...just as I am even now after your death. This...I swear it.... my dear sister, Avus.


-Beginning entry in Zietes' private Journal

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