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Researcher Looking for RPers for a Survey!

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I am a current master's student writing my thesis on the experience of players, and especially roleplayers, in FFXIV. I am looking for voluntary participants to fill out a survey about their experiences playing and roleplaying in FFXIV. The survey is expected to take 20-30 minutes, so if you would like to contribute to this research and feel you have the time, I would greatly appreciate any and all responses! The questions cover a range of topics, from why people roleplay to what types of characters they prefer to mental health in relation to RP, and the goal is to understand roleplaying from a nonjudgmental, community-written perspective.


For more information and the survey itself, please follow this link:




Thank you so much for your time, and feel free to post in this thread, send me a PM, or DM me @rmtate#3337 on Discord with any questions or concerns!

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