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Help with back ground story.

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I didn't know where to post this so im going to post it here. I need help adding or fixing my back ground story. I don't get much time to work on a story line since of work and my kids, till the weekend so I'm asking for tips ( that and this is my first time making a in depth story line for a toon). I'm open mined so please feel free shoot some ideas and here is what i got so far

The Name is Vahies if you cant see that (laughs) I'm a miqo'te lancer in training to be come a dragoon. I grew up in Limsa Lominsa but i all ways dreamed to be a dragoon and not fisher like my parents..... (rubs back of head)  seems silly but i all ways wanted to fight in the war. I don't know why but it was a fantasy that long has past but becoming a dragoon has not. I all ways wanted be a Dragoon since i heard storys about the dragoons when i was young miqo'te. I'm very down to earth miqo'te who loves seek out danger and conquer it. I'm quite to a point and travel alone time to time, but when a call comes for my aid I go with haste to help who called.

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Hey I read your story and have been tryin' to think of a few ideas you could expand things with. Obviously feel free to use none or all of this, just wanted to give you a few springboards to start from.


I don't know how depth you want to go with things, but starting with adolescence in Limsa Lominsa: How did your character grow up? It says your parents were fishermen, so that might be a more care free upbringing, or a stressful one if they were trying to make ends meet. Development can be a good starting place to how your character ended up where they are. And perhaps you can have a story in that time somewhere to help add some drama and intrigue to why the dream of a Dragoon is so strong.


Maybe there was a Dragoon that became a role model in your character's life. They saved them, gave them advice, or even was just someone they looked up to.


And maybe there are more dreams/goals to be fulfilled once the title of Dragoon has been obtained. Can range from wanting to save the world as a glorious hero, to shoving it in the face of a childhood bully.


Just a few things to consider. I'll stop there or I'm going to write a novel of possible character paths. :dazed:

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