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Greetings to everyone!


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Hello everyone! My online nickname is Kajisi, and I've beenplaying online RPGs since the original NWN on AOL.  Based on that you can likely tell that I'm one of those "old farts",  halfway through my fifties.  I am also married for 36 years to my highschool sweetheart, a father of three and grandfather of two (so far).


I started playing FFXIV during the 1.0 beta, continued into the live game for approximately a year, also adventuring on other games, but never quite being satisfied with the total immersive sensory experience the Square Enix provides . 

I plan to focus on a new Miqo'te Gladiator (I like the race), taking my time as I casually discover the content the game has to offer.  I rarely start an RP session ("only children" tend to remain somewhat reserved even at my age, that and I'm a horridly slow typist), but will willing join one in session.   Because I like technology like voice chat, I don't consider myself "hardcore". 

But I do tend to portray my character in nearly every aspect of my gameplay.  In fact, when playing games like Elder Scrolls, I've a 3 strike rule...after the third character death I start over.


In real life I'm a retired Navy E2C pilot, currently a federal civil servant (like so many of my career) doing my last nine years of real work before I "fight no more...forever".  When not playing online, I also spend time playing D&D using the Fantasy Ground VTT, and am part of a team of GMs running several campaigns.  I'm an avid fantasyreader and anime fan (Bleach / Inuyasha / Tenchi / Kenshin).  I very much enjoy roleplaying, but not a zealot about it.  I love to write stories, especially about events I've encountered in-game, and am an intense romantic at heart.

Really looking forward to playing with you in the returning world!

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