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I'll just.. add my name to the hat

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I'm one of those many new people who got beta access to ARR and have quickly started looking for a RP community to plug in to. I've been RPing in one form or another since.. 1997 in chatrooms and whatnot, extending to EQ when it launched.. and every MMO I played from DAoC to Rift and everything in between - its the RP that got me to hang around. So this name was dropped to me, and I'm here to say.. HELLO!

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Thank you, you three!


I started to fall in love with the game during the first weekend of Phase 3. And I always.. I mean.. ALWAYS.. am looking for some RP to get down with. Though since this is the first taste I of the game I'm getting a taste of, I don't think I can join the legacy Linkshells. Though also from what I've seen, there's some things coming together on the Leviathan server that I'm going to have to check out when the game re-opens tomorrow morning.

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