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[Coeurl - Crystal] Círculo de Historias, hosted by M'yhe Tia

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Círculo de Historias


Under a clear night sky, bursting with the constellations and Rhalgr’s streaking stars, a fire licks and flickers passionately. Surrounded are the many silhouetted figures of a dwindling miqo'tean tribe, throwing away the troubles of their war-torn life if only for a night.


 Tonight, they set down the memories of bloody sands and weary soles. Tonight, they pick each other up in food and drink, dance and song. Tonight, they lift their spirits high in celebration of another week lived, as they scream to the stars and sing in a chorus; We are still here, we are still here, we are still here. 



Join together for a Circle of Stories; a traditional celebration once often held by M'yhe’s tribemates, heralding the end of one week and the beginning of another. Come to listen to folklore and tales, and tell a story of your own! 


{IC Storytelling Event! Any format is accepted; spoken word, performance, you name it. Come gather and learn more about your friends, and improve your storytelling by telling a story that relates to the weekly theme.} 



Saturday, May 11th


  • 1pm Hawai'i 
  • 4pm Pacific 
  • 5pm Mountain 
  • 6pm Central 
  • 7pm Eastern 
  • 12am SUN London 
  • 9am SUN Sydney




Hidden Tear (The Peaks, Gyr Abania [x32.5, y7])


Any questions? IM @blindkarakul on tumblr, DM M'yhe Tia at Ala Mhigan Thunderfuck#6149, whisper me while I'm online, or join our community’s discord here!

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(5/8/2019) THIS WEEK'S THEME: Spring!

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Posted (edited)

(6/13/2019) THIS WEEK'S THEME: The Sun and the Moon!


Join us on MONDAY, June 17th! Same location, but at 8PM EST-- an hour later than previous. (See the link for more info)

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