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  1. (6/13/2019) THIS WEEK'S THEME: The Sun and the Moon! Join us on MONDAY, June 17th! Same location, but at 8PM EST-- an hour later than previous. (See the link for more info)
  2. Heya! My name is Griffin! I'd consider myself a more veteran RPer, but I'm relatively new to the FFXIV community, and thought I may as well at least give a formal introduction. Especially with the datacenter merges, I'm hoping to see a lot more people-- which I already have! I'm gonna be following the template because my brain is big mush right now, but that means we're starting off with my MMORPG experience! Safe to say, you could probably call me a WoW refugee. I've been playing the game for about 12 years, and left around Legion. Kinda glad I did, BfA is looking kind
  3. Círculo de Historias Under a clear night sky, bursting with the constellations and Rhalgr’s streaking stars, a fire licks and flickers passionately. Surrounded are the many silhouetted figures of a dwindling miqo'tean tribe, throwing away the troubles of their war-torn life if only for a night. Tonight, they set down the memories of bloody sands and weary soles. Tonight, they pick each other up in food and drink, dance and song. Tonight, they lift their spirits high in celebration of another week lived, as they scream to the stars and sing in a chorus; We are still her
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