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I'm jumping aboard the beta bandwagon while at a LAN party! I really would like to get into the RP aspect of things and meet new friends to explore Eozrea with. After playing FFXI for years, I know that I can't rekindle the kind of memories and friendships that I made, but I definitely would like to give another FF MMORPG a go. I've spent most of the time in beta just playing around with the character creation function. Female Roegadyn seems to definitely be my favorite thus far. I prefer a bit everything from casual RP to heavy. I had a real great time in the Guild Wars 2 community with this.


It is my understanding that Balmung is the official RP server, with Gilgamesh potentially being secondary RP server. I wouldn't mind staying on Gilgamesh if they start to develop a lasting RP community. I guess now it's just the waiting game. =)




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Yo yo! Welcome! Technically there is no official RP server, but those of us who were around for 1.0 made Balmung our unofficial RP home :). As of now, we intend to stay on Balmung and we HOPE that people will join us there. We love all the new faces (you, too /winkwink)! The non-legacy RP server some people are trying to establish I believe is Behemoth and another group is rolling on Hyperion. Gilgamesh is where a bunch of us rolled fresh characters strictly for the Beta.

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