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Hello! Just another new face, coming in with the wave of ARR players. I tried to give an overview...but I've probably missed some things. If you have any questions about myself, my character, or any suggestions for her, then please let me know! I'm looking forward to getting to know this community better, and RP with everyone.


About Me

My name is Erin, and I found Hydaelyn RPers in my quest to figure out whether or not FFXIV had a living RP community. I'm moving here from Celestial Hills server of TERA Online, and RP is one of the key points for me in an MMO now. I've been RPing for about 10 years, and playing various MMOs for 9. I don't really know how to rate myself as an RPer, though I generally consider myself Medium level. Away from my sanctuary, I work part time and go to school part time. Between those, I'm studying to join the air force. I'm a 21 year old girl from California...and I think that's everything!


A Note From Calico

A piece of parchment sat posted on a bulletin board. The page is crisp and clean, and though written in practical, easy to read script, the words are somewhat more slanted than they should have been as though they were written in a rush. Some of the sentences seem disjointed, as though the author did not really think about what they were writing, and there are two large black boxes breaking up the piece so that what could have been a small note in fact takes up the entire page. There are also various patches of tiny black dots scrawled across the page, as though the writer grew bored or distracted and began drawing paw prints around what she had written.




My name is C'hlyko Camaxtli, but please call me Calico! Calico is usually memorable because it's close to my name's pronunciation, but it's easier, and since the sun bleaches the ends of my hair to be orange and I am a female Miqo'te, I have been told I resemble a calico cat. Please use whatever name you would like though! People call me C., C.C., Cal, Cali, Lee, Lili..."


There are a few more names, followed by a large patch of ink that covers the page, as if almost an entire paragraph of text had been blacked out.



Sorry about that, I uh...got carried away there. Okay. Phew. All gone. Um...Onward!

I am a Seeker of the Sun, born on the 22nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon, and I follow Azeyma as most of my kin do. My hair is black, but the sunlight makes the ends bleach to a strange rusty orange color. I was born with black markings around my eyes. Oh! Eyes! I like my eyes. The left one is orange, and the right one is white. I normally wear my hair in a white headband. My hobbies include reading, alchemy experiments, making friends, finding exciting new places to read (especially rooftops and fences), try new foods, be cheerful, researching things, reading new books, meet new people...

There is another blacked out patch here, as though ink was swiped across the words.



That's all! I'm sorry for rambling on, and I am looking forward to starting my new adventures! If you're interested in joining me for exploration and adventure, please find me! When I am at home in Limsa Lominsa, I am easily found studying at the Arcanist guild. When I go back to visit Ul'dah I am most often seeing colleagues comparing notes at the Alchemist Guild. Other places, I usually end up at the Adventurer's Guild, or some similar establishment.




The signature is done in especially graceful script, and is the only piece of the entire letter that seems to have been done with great care, as though she were drawing her name rather than signing a letter.

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