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The Spectral Wardens (Inactive)


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A young Elezen man with fiery red hair sits at a desk, there is a small box in front of him on the desktop, the box is filled with cards.


Two men enter the room, one a Duskwight Elezen wearing a mask and a hood, the other a Hyur with a mess of brown hair, dressed in fine clothing.


"So how are we going to do this?" Asked the masked Elezen. The Elezen at the desk took a deep breath. "Well, the cards are finished, I guess there isn't much more we can do than to get them out there. Other than the few I have pointed out I'm sure you can use your own judgement on whom qualifies. We aren't some clandestine organisation, I'll be glad if word of us gets out, but we have to be selective."


The two men nodded in agreement, then the Hyur let out a large dramatic sigh. "Right! amass a group of well meaning adventurers, stick them together then hope that they save the world before killing each other. Sounds simple enough. After that is done I'll show you a Lalafell juggling three Morbols," he chuckled.

"Well I suppose if we distribute them out evenly we can cover more ground," the masked Elezen chimed in grinning despite himself.


"Sounds fair." The crimson haired Elezen replied as he split the box of cards into three even piles and handed two of them out to the two men. He smiled, "Lets get to work." The Hyur chuckled again, "Good luck to us all, we'll need it."


Example Card







The Six Elemental Divisions


The Spectral Wardens are split into 6 different Elemental divisions, each with different roles within the Wardens. Each member of the Wardens will be put into one of the following divisions based on their skills and where they best think they can help out.



Earth Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Crafting



Fire Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Military



Ice Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Defence



Lightning Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Information



Water Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Relief



Wind Division


Current Captain:

Division Role: Exploration




The Spectral Wardens



Your server for this evening will be Helga! Hint: Do not try to tip her, she's too heavy, and yes the exclamation mark is actually part of her name.



Renaise, Tyriont


RP Style:

We are a pretty Heavy Role-play group, Guild Chat will be IC (unless by some miracle we can create different chat channels then that will be reviewed)



http://thespectralwardens.guildlaunch.com This hopefully will get upgraded at a time when money/rich benefactors are more forthcoming.


IC element:

Broken down the group is one brought together for the common good of Eorzea. However the group will be made up of all types of characters who basically fall into the "Good" alignment, be that Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic. (A brief summary of what these terms mean can be found HERE)



N/A, but it may change.


Guild interactions:

Fairly open, I couldn't see why anyone in the group would be against RPing with other guilds.


Application criteria:

- Sign up to the Forums

- Post an application

- There will be a short interview process just to determine that you understand the rules, what the guild is looking for ect.

- Get Approved

- Smile happily :D


Additional info:

As mentioned, we are a "Good" aligned guild in the basic sense. Those with "Evil" or more Villainous characters need likely not apply. What it boils down to is if your character is trying to do good, or is basically good no matter their methods, he or she will be welcome.


However, those members who join with a villainous alt could likely get those characters weaved in somehow, however as the general aim of the group will be to work for the benefit of Eorzea and its peoples the likely wouldn't be invited to join the ranks ICly.


We will have an overarching storyline for the group, this will help when coming up with ideas for shell/guild-wide events, but of course all members are more than welcome to come up with their own plots, stories and events as well.


I look forward to seeing all new members on the forums, and for the rest of you, see you in Eorzea! (and the RPC >.>)


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1. PG-13.

A loose PG-13 rating is to be maintained at all times on the shell. This applies to language, actions and other content. The occasional profanity here and there is likely fine, it can after all be used for dramatic effect, however we would rather not have an f-bomb go off every few minutes, use common sense. Off-shell Role-play is not subject to this restriction; however both parties must be comfortable with the actions/language in question. Complaints about inappropriate behaviour will be taken very seriously.


2. God mode.

âGod Modeâ is the act of making your character unnaturally strong or generally Role-playing in a way that shows bad sportsmanship. Examples of God Mode would be creating a character that has power to level cities, or refusing to allow your character to be harmed in a fight. Everyone is fallible, nobody is perfect. Plots should reflect this and be kept within reason of the world our characters reside in. Another method of God Mode would be to control the actions of others. For example: âX swings at Y and cuts his head offâ as opposed to the acceptable âX swings at Y, attempting to cut his head offâ. Any form of God Mode is strictly prohibited.


3. IC/OOC (In-Character/Out-Of-Character).

Conversation on the link shell is to be kept to In-Character (IC) at all times. When in a party with other members, or attending an event that has been designated as IC, the same rule applies with the exception of when instructions need to be given that canât be handled IC. Any OOC chat that is used must be in (parentheses). The IC/OOC rule also applies to character knowledge. OOC, you may know that player X loathes player Y and is plotting their demiseâ¦but if nobody has given you any indication of that fact IC, then your character doesnât know about it. On the same token, no character is a mind-reader. An emote such as âPlayer X thinks player Y is an idiotâ is pointlessâ¦nobody else knows what your character is thinking and therefore that line would be unneeded in a Role-play perspective.


4. The link shell.

For Role-play purposes, the link shell (or whatever it may be) is considered to be an audio/visual advice, much like a video phone. It is considered a magical device, however, rather than a technological creation. Actions cannot be transferred over the shell unless you are physically next to the person in question. To give an example, if player X was in Ul'dah and player Y was in Gridania, they would not be able to physically interact with each other, although they would be able to converse and see what the other was doing.


5. NPCs.

You are free to create NPCs for your own use within the confines of the game. Existing NPCs, however, should be used sparingly and with respect to their in-game plot line. Key storyline NPCs should not be an integral part of your plot line as we never know what SE is planning to do. For example â a plot line in which your character is the child of a main FFXIV character will not be allowed. On the other hand, a plot line in which your character was rescued as a child by said character is acceptable. NPCs that exist in-game cannot be killed.


6. Spoilers.

As you progress in the game, certain things will happen to and be revealed about key game NPCs. While weâre Role-players, we also play the game of FFXIV to enjoy it as a game. For exampleâ¦if random NPC A later turns out to be the child of key NPC Z in a major plot twistâ¦donât announce that fact over the shell. The in-game plot line is interesting and shouldnât be ruined for anyone else. That said, you are permitted to work these events into your Role-playâ¦just donât give any specific details. If player X is involved in a fight against a major enemy with player Y, but player Z knows nothing about that part of the game plot yet then players X and Y are free to discuss the event off-shell, as well as alluding to it on-shellâ¦but without giving away any details that would reveal the plot to player Z.


7. Respect.

Treat all other shell members with respect OOC. Respect their individual plot lines and tendencies. Do not try and force a plot line onto another member, or go out of your way to make their lives difficult. The same goes for âstealing the spotlightâ. If a conversation or event is going on over the link shell, be respectful and wait until it dies down before starting some major happening of your own.


8. Language.

Proper spelling and grammar is to be used at all times on the shell. Use of âl33t sp33kâ or other internet slang/abbreviations is strictly prohibited. Mistakes are obviously fine as it happens to everyone.


9. Complaints.

Any complaints about another member should be brought to one of the guild leaders. Where possible, a screen shot of the incident in question will greatly help us in resolving the issue, this isnât requiredâ¦but makes our job a lot easier.


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