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My name's Kat, I'm 31 and live in the UK. I've played MMOs for a long time; 7 years in World of Warcraft and the last year in Guild Wars 2 as well as dabbling a bit in TERA, Rift, LOTRO, etc. One of my friends has played FFXI since 2004 and tried (unsuccessfully) to get me to join him many times over the years. When XIV came out, I gave in and played with him but in the end decided it wasn't for me. However, I've played ARR beta the past couple weekends and, I have to say, I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to August.


Because I'm a RPer first and foremost, I wanted to check out the ARR RP community and find information on the lore as I know next to nothing about the Final Fantasy world -- well, aside from what are chocobos and moogles haha. I created a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te in beta so I think that'll be my first character.


Please forgive me if this has already been answered but I see the unofficial RP server is Balmung; is this a NA server or does the NA/EU divide not exist in this game?

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Thanks for the reply. Will the time zone difference cause a problem for RPers? The reason I ask is because in GW2, our RP community is separated into NA on one server and EU on another. If I were to play on the NA server, prime time for me would be midday for most of them and I'd end up playing at 12 am or later if I wanted to hit NA prime time. Or will there be enough EU players/NA early birds on Balmung for it to not be an issue?

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Hi there!

Fellow UK-ian myself~


The server itself is NA based, and it's aimed towards both NA and EU players, there's no segregation.

There are quite a number of RPers (and more coming in) who live in the UK, and that increases your chance of being able to RP with them.

Of course there are people who you'll struggle to meet like you said, as many people are from NA.

It's worth noting that often events might fall outside of times that are 'agreeable' to us EU people. >u>

But in my experience, people are eager to try and get others involved and will try and keep events flexible.


Back in 1.0 there were a number of EU-based linkshells on Balmung too.

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