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This brings a tear to my eye...

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(listen to this wile reading my post!)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfX4zf77 ... re=related


Remember how fresh that game smelt when you took it out of the package, and when all that lengthy installation was done, and after your trip to the computer store to pick up a new vid card because yours wasnt good enough to play the game...hearing the Vanadil March as the game began to load. How GRAND it all seemed?


So many memories, so many adventures...so many near death expirenes! So many near closures and almost shutdowns and maybe leaving the game...and today it is offical.


My FF11 account is no longer active. Azreiel Gale is no more. all 55 levels of her Dark Knight Glory.


*pauses for a moment to reflect*


From her early days in Gustaberg as we all tried to get used to killing bee's and worms and Quadav! I remember the wonder and the magic, ff11 was my first REAL MMORPG. I remember talking to NPC's wondering if they were Players or not...I remembermy first interaction with a jap player...I remember wandering the world map and thinking "wow this is such a HUGE world to explore".


Then it was off to the dunes...oh what fun! /shout RAISE AT PLZ!



GAME UPDATE...please wait....installing new information.............................please wait...please wait*ten hours later* 25% complete...ARG


How many times did you walk through a slaughter house with one little crab sitting in the middle of all the boddies? and you knew that was one bad ass crab!


Remember the mad dash for Jeuno? How many times did it take?

How frightening did that marsh look? Or if you were from Sand Oreo your nice peaceful and uneventful journy through the hill's and rains.


Of if you were from Windrust that long impossible treak across the WORLD.




Your first visit to the other major countries? Remember how it looked to see Bastok for the first time? Or the grand walls of Sand'Ora! How lost did YOU get when you first went to Windrust!


THe jungle...oh how crazy that music made me DUM DUN...dun dun...dum dumna dum dum...no...more...onions...PLEASE!


FINALLY an airship pass now you don't have to walk everywhere! CRAP I just missed the airship!


What? Those big white pillars do something now? sweet... Ok crystalline ppl lets go...lalal DISCONNECT...ok im back...DISCONNECT...ok Im back..were at the bosss...DISCONNECT!


LEVEL SYNC...oh wow now I can get owned in the dunes in my artifact armor!


How many times have I walked down this same path? All these trees look the same...stupid Windrust! and how do you pronounce it..Sar..uuuu,,,.tab...aruu...karma sutra?


NEW LANDS...old friends...and really big swords!


I killed her off a few times, but always thought of a good reason to bring her back. FF11 was always there no matter how many times I'd leave, no matter how life seemed to get in the way, no matter how poor I got.



she was one awesome character, and I will miss all those awesome late nights rping. I'll even miss some of that good ol drama! LONG LIVE CRYSTALLINE!


But here's to ff14! Here's to a new chance to create some more magic!


I can't wait!

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Pffft that song never got me worked up. But here you go:


First kill on my server for Dynamis Lord


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBJYoMUB ... re=related


I still remember how hectic it was.


Or this. Anyone remember sitting there with Prishe watching the sky through the fog and hills?




And my all time favorite song from this game:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObAiI0PE ... re=related


I remember that song so well. When you fought against the Zilart's, when you relived the stories of San Doria through the missions, when you figured out who the Shadow Lord really was.

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I always thought Repression sounded awful. Way too synthesized.



I think that's the whole point. It's supposed to sound like you've just walked into a dark and damp Mausoleum and you can hear an someone playing an organ splashing notes across the walls. It always felt really well done and provide a really depressing, creepy and sad atmosphere to the cutscenes it was in.

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Azreiel, FFXI was my first MMO,too. It will always have a very, very special place in my heart. A very, big, warm and comfy spot. Through all the frustration and the fact that I never leveled beyond 44 (though I had at least 4 characters with jobs leveled to 37; don't judge!) I still love that game.


It is taking an extra-ordinary amount of willpower not to reinstall it and see the world one last time from the beginning before FFXIV takes control.

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I always thought Repression sounded awful. Way too synthesized.


Generally I was never a huge fan of the FFXI soundtrack / Naoshi Mizuta to begin with, as it felt like a step backwards from Nobuo Uematsu's contributions and, especially given the platforms, sounded almost like midis in a lot of ways. I mean the harmonies were good, I own all the soundtracks, and it did its job in the game, but comparatively? Meh. I'm very glad we've got Nobuo taking care of XIV.


Also, I'm amused that I have similar feelings for XI despite it being maybe my 4th or 5th MMO. I think its because it was so similar to my first (EQ1) that I developed the same fondness. Maybe XIV will finally do the same. :approve:

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I fight the urge to renew my FFXI sub every day. Usually when I listen to the soundtrack.


A few days back I heard a piece of irish music which really sounded like Selbina, and I got sad. I always get sad when I listen to the music.


Hell, listening to ffradio last week made me sad when the tune to Sky come on, and I hated Sky. All the constant running back and forth, which entrance is that? How many people do we have? Who has the pop items? Any JP? Etc, etc.


Countless hours stood in my MH, just RPing over the LS... /sigh.

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I grew up alongside FFXI. I remember all the joy and wonder of running around Sarutabaruta and finding all the cool "play" spots where you found crawlers and whatnot for farming fame and gil. I knew that zone like the back of my hand before I left. The same went for North Gustaberg looking for bees and goblins on the hill. So many fond memories of slaughtering level 6-9 mobs while gathering materials and RPing with the linkshell... /sigh.


I guess part of the reason why that game will always have a special place in my heart is because it grew as I did. And I changed as a gamer because of it. Oh, FFXI, others (my WoW guild) may say you are a "broken old doll" of a game best left in the attic, but I know how beautiful you really are.

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