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As the title says, hi. I just recently learned people actually roleplayed in FFXIV, and decided to join in. I feel it unnecessary to state but I'm beyond ecstatic about FFXIV, more so that I know there is a RPC. A little about myself, I was born and raised in Florida and absolutely love everything about beaches, especially surfing :3. I travelled the US a bit after graduation and now I am an Air Traffic Controller, but alas away from any beaches. Working on getting back but I took the first position I was offered :) 

My first MMO, and actually second video game ever playing, was FFXI, which I played for about six years. I was a White Mage for most of that, though towards the last two years or so I fell in love with Scholar. I leveled Samurai just for Maat, and ended up playing Bard for my last six months. It was by far my favorite job, but I use to avoid it because of the silly AF. I did level every job up to WoTG to at least 40 except BST, BLU, and PUP. A handful of those jobs to 58-60 just for the AF. 


There is an overlap period where I couldn't dedicate time to FFXI, and my boyfriend at the time wanted me to play WoW. Never liked it so always went back to FFXI on breaks from school, dance, and work. All this during high school, still no clue about RP. 


About three years ago, I had quit ffxi for good and waited for FFXIV 1.0. Playing WoW again, I was introduced to RP. Since then I had been drifting between TOR, GW2, Tera, Aion, and TSW trying to find a fun game I liked with an active RP community. I played launch of FFXIV 1.0, quit within two weeks in disgust. Came back to it last August or October before it was taken offline, it was playable but not fun. 


FFXIV:ARR is what I imagined 1.0 to be. A beautiful combination of the FFXI world I fell in love with all those years ago with a modern day user friendliness that FFXI never offered. I'm in love with the game now, and I know it's what I was waiting for! It's just a matter of if new content is kept actively coming forth and end game is as fun as it felt to me in FFXI. I'm excited beyond comprehensive words (more like unintelligible squeals of delight) to have the chance to RP in this game in Balmung. 


I have a 50 Black Mage Lalafell, who I won't roleplay with or really even actively play. She just has a lot of items that I hope are still on her and tradable. I will be starting a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te, with an IC older brother. I'd like a twin sister but I may just end up with a twin brother. Scholar and Monk are the two jobs I'm very interested in. 


Sorry for the long post! I'm on break at work and finished my book, so I didn't have anything better to do :3 The odd text is because I write all this out on Notes standard App, on my iPhone, proof read and copy and paste. Using forums on a phone can be tedious ._.

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Welcome! I was born in Tampa. While I did not grow up in FL I have a sister that still lives there, and another that lives in Gainesville. Its fun to visit but gosh is it hot!


I am typing this on my tablet so forgive me if my text is off too :P


Hope to see you in game!

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Thank you! I can't wait to be in the game with everyone :3


I also will not play any more Betas until nothing will be wiped. I did phase 1 beta to see the combat changes, and phase 3 originally to see what race I was going to be for sure. Sadly I was so blown away by Ul'dah, the only city I hated in 1.0, I leveled up to 15 around it. But I will be starting arcanist or marauder if for some reason arcanist doesn't start there like I keep hearing it will. Either way! Starting in Limsa Lomjnsa by any means necessary.

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