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Skills Contest (Open Rp)

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(( pretend there is a large scale skills competition set in... oh let's say Gridania. Participants can either be entered in the contests, or watching from the crowd/peanut gallery. Each individual contest goes until there is a winner, then the next contest starts. An announcer will be NPC'd; all are free to assume the role of the announcer.


It is suggested that when you enter a contest, the announcer gives a brief description of you (name, place of origin, fav. Ice cream flavor, etc.) So that the peanut gallery knows who they are rooting for/against))


Flyer for Skills Contest:


Contest #1 - Archery Contest

Contest #2 - Chocobo Race

Contest #3 - Someone else decide!

Contest #4 - Someone else decide!

Contest #5 - Eating contest

Contest #6 - Someone else decide!

Contest #7 - Eorzean Idol! (Singing competition)


Rules for Archery Contest:


+Only bullseyes count here! Each participant gets 5 shots, depending on the size of the field there will be 3-5 rounds.


*First Round: 50yards

* Second Round: 75 yards

*Third Round: 100 yards


*Last two rounds, if necessary, are a mystery! Kupo!

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