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Starlight Wishlist!

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Hello Everyone!

It's getting close to Starlight and it's that time of year again. Holidays pour in, we see family and friends— some of us curl up in our closets and wait till this time of year is over! Ah but it's annual, and every year we must handle it in some way. Regardless of what we celebrate out of game, we can all come together with one holiday on FFXIV:

What This Thread Inspires:

Kindness, connection, and a little bit of good feelies on everyone's part. As roleplayers usually try to get fancy things in game for their characters we can go ahead and incorporate PvE or what-have-you into our wishlist. Who knows, maybe someone will see your post and feel a little nice. Ready? Set!? Go! ♥



Please make sure that you include: character name(s), a way to contact you (should someone get a gift and not be able to see you online), realm, data center, and the items. When you're given a gift, please make sure you cross it off ASAP so that people don't try to save up for it! 


Starting this in late November to give people the opportunity to save for items or farm up possible gifts.
Credit to / Inspired by: Wintersday Wishlist (started in 2013). 
This is a wholesome thread. If you are not posting lists or wholesome, please see somewhere else! 

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