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First time Role player with a crazy idea

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MMORPG experience: Played MMO since Final Fantasy XI, better that and XIX I played Aion, Lineage II, Rose Online, Mobingi, Tera, and playing Blade and Soul for a half second.

RP experience: Other then DM a few TTRPGs, none

Idea/Info: Vilsaint was friends with a guy who goes on a successful adventure, writing letters from home. In fact the red streak was because of an alchemy accident said friend had before. Eventually his goes off to adventure on his on. But he has no idea how to make friends and talk to people. So his idea is try to create a talk show. To not only make friends but so others in his situation can introduce themselves.


Found out about this from typing “FFXIV Roleplay”

What kind of role player I’m aiming to be: Light/Medium off camera Medium/Heavy on camera 

Just ask if you want to know about me. Needless to say some topics are off limits but I I don’t mind you asking 

Discord Marshall #8764 or just say hi to me sometime, I like to stop be the Quicksand on Balmung sometimes 



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