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[Zalera] Hrothgar Voidsent Hunter Seeking Long-Term!

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Ivar Blackfang, Voidsent Hunter. A failed Garlean experiment who nows roams Eorzea in search of voidsent, monsters, and Garleans to destroy seeks friends, allies, enemies, an assistant or even an apprentice (possible romance here if female). 

I'm mostly looking for a long-term female partner for him, whether she be an apprentice, an assistant, or even a fellow hunter. Ideally, said partner would be pretty active in-game, and on Discord. I have the intention of creating an FC centered around Voidsent/Monster hunting, and would love for my potential partner to join me on Zalera. If one were to transfer or start a new character, one could expect lots of support and help to get your character up to par. 

I'm EST. I'm active mostly all day but am frequently on at night around 9PM-3 AM, again EST. 

I typically enjoy writing detailed posts that are at least a paragraph or more, and would like my partner to be able to at least write a paragraph in response. Themes I enjoy and fit this character are dark, mature, horror, slice of life, and possible romance.

Please only inquire if you have actual intent. Thank you for taking the time to read my ad!


Discord: NorseKorean#3251

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Hrm. Well, my availability is...well, a lot more open! I'm also coming back from a brief hiatus and still looking!

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