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Requesting help with character concepts


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I'm new to role playing in FFXIV, and I have a question... or maybe multiple questions... anyway. For those who didn't see my introduction at the welcome desk; I'm new to your community, and hope to be be a part of it. I've role played for a long time, in many forms... but I'm new to this one.


Since I'm led to understand that Phase 4 Beta characters not only last over into the retail release, but that you get to recustomize your existing character; I've decided to come up with an actual concept for him. I figured this would likely be a lot easier to get into than trying to force something into a character whose aesthetics were designed with "This looks good enough for my free month" in mind. This character I'd be changing is only a level 24 CNJ, and... 11? THM... so lots of room for growth.


Here's my issue though! I can't decide on a concept. I like to pick a race (especially in a lore rich environment like FFXIV) first and foremost, so that I can incorporate that into their identity. I'm kind of stuck between a Highlander Hyur and a Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te. I've got some basic concepts in mind for both, and some things I both like and dislike. Aesthetics are also important to me, so I'll talk about those too. I figured I'd present them to all of you for some feedback to help me make my decision.


To start us off, here's a bit of background into why my concepts are the way they are:


  • My primary classes (and thus the classes incorporated into the character's identity) will likely be Paladin, White Mage, and Bard. Scholar might come in too at some point in the future. Any other class will purely be OOC fun.
  • Heavy armor looks beautiful on the both.
  • Casting armor doesn't look nearly as good on Hyur (especially Highlanders).
  • I'm not sure what's overdone, or not overdone, in your community.
  • I'm not sure if my concepts even really fit the lore, and thus I'd like to avoid looking foolish.

Concept 1:

Thaseus Voltemand (a favored name of mine; no it doesn't fit the naming scheme well)

Highlander Hyur


Thaseus, like most Highlander, is mountain born... and offen refered to as a mountain of a man-- tall and bulky. Like many other Highlanders, he has come to Eorzea to make a living for himself. Naturally, his size and strength have pushed him towards working on martial skills, such as the sword and bow; but his real talent lies in an ability often sought, and rarely found-- the ability to heal. But Thasesus doesn't use this ability to help his fellow man, or ease suffering, or many of the other reasons people do what they do. Seemingly, his entire purpose is to use his talents as a way to make ends meet. Gruff on the exterior, direct and to the point; yet a bit of wisdom hiding beneath it all and perhaps more.




The basic lore of the Highlander leads him to having some skill as a GLD or ARC, and his personal abilities explains his partially developed ability as a CNJ. As time goes on, those skills will grow and eventually lead him into PLD and WHM. I'm not sure how to get the BRD part of him to make sense... but it wouldn't be right away.


To me, it's not a bad concept, but it's not a terribly good one either. I also tend to not play the human archetype character because... well... I just don't. No good explanation there. Aesthetically, Hyur look great to me, though there's some to be desired in hair styles. Highlanders also look a little silly in WHM robes.


Concept 2:

Sahta'li Teran

Keeper of the Moon Miqo'te


Last son of three, fourth child of seven-- Sahta'li is the quintessential middle child. Never first, never important, always in the background. He inherited a gift for magic (as in, having versus not; not a measure of ability) from his mother, and as such he was taught the basics of her healing ways. This was put to use in helping to mend breaks in his brother's bones, ease cuts on his little sisters' knees from playing, and generally helping his mother whenever she needed an extra hand. His life is one of being the middle son-- always being ordered, never his own life. 


Heal your brother, Sahta'li. Help your brothers with their sparring, Sahta'li. Entertain your sisters Sahta'li. Hunt with your father... your brothers are busy, Sahta'li. Protect your family Sahta'li. Be useful, Sahta'li. 


Sahta'li grew tired of never having his own life, and decided to leave to strike it out on his own. To be somebody that he wanted to be-- so he could go home and have his own life and purpose. Smaller than most, quiet, shy, reserved, and quick to bend to pressure. Though an adult, he's still very much a child on the inside and deals with all that comes with it.




I think I like Sahta'li here a little more, because I feel like it's more fleshed out. I don't know if he fits well into Miqo'te and FFXIV lore. Growing up helping his parents and his brothers lets him have the basics of sword play and archery, and would make sense why he decides to improve those skills on his own; while his history of healing explains the developed CNJ skills. Aesthetically, Miqo'te is pretty similar to Hyur in my mind; though the caster armor seems to look better on their smaller frames. I'm also not so sure about the tail yet.


So that's really it for now. I'm considering a Lalafell as well, but I don't have any real concept in mind as of yet. Perhaps I'll work at that when I have some free time.


Please feel free to comment on anything; names to backgrounds to whatever! I'm looking for as much feedback as I can get! Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the RPC.


Your characters sound good, both interesting backstories and you clearly have thought about their classes and how you want them to look. Naming conventions, though based on lore, don't have to be followed strictly. (For example, the Lalafell naming scheme is what it is, but I chose to call mine Onoc Shakar. His name does not follow the scheme at all, but I make up for that through his character dropping his given and surname and choosing one that has more meaning to him.) Also, depending on how you want to play your character you may wish to simply name them as a nickname that they go by. This allows you to break out of the naming schemes all together.


When you do get in game, play around with different aspects (seeing as you're not quite sure about the miqo'te tail - maybe making it short and less obtrusive could work?)


Also remember, that people will be more focused on how you act and react with your character over what race, gender or class you choose. Sure there are stereotypes, but while Rping, you're allowed to break the mold here and there.


Hope this helps a bit. If you want to chat about any of this, give me a PM or talk to other people on the site.


Again, welcome!

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If you're fond of the highlander look, but like the Miqo'te background, why not just tweak the Miqo'te background to fit a highlander family?


THIIIISSSS.. would be awesome to do. I do personally like your Miqo'te story better, and.. Highlanders. Everyone needs moar Highlanders. xD

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If you're fond of the highlander look, but like the Miqo'te background, why not just tweak the Miqo'te background to fit a highlander family?


THIIIISSSS.. would be awesome to do. I do personally like your Miqo'te story better, and.. Highlanders. Everyone needs moar Highlanders. xD


I was considering that as well. It's one of those things I'll play around with next time the beta is up.


Thanks for the feedback! I'd appreciate any more than anyone has!

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So, I've taken into consideration what the few of you have said, and came up with what I'll call Concept 3. This came about after some thinking, and some playing around with the character creation now that the beta is back up (for the weekend anyhow). It's something of a combination between Concepts 1 and 2, with some new stuff added. Let me know what you think!


Concept 3:

Thaseus Voltemand

Highlander Hyur


The last of three sons, fourth of seven child. Thaseus was the quintessential middle child. Never first, never important, and always in the background. While Thaseus large by Hyur standards, he's smaller when compared to his older brothers and father. Growing up, the younger children were always his responsibility. His parents were too busy with their tasks; his brothers too busy training to serve the family and their people.


At a young age, it was discovered he had a gift for magic (as in the ability to use it), and thus was taught the basics of healing by his mother. Of course, this ability was put to use often-- healing his brothers sparring wounds, or the minor injuries his younger sisters gained while playing. Because of this role, he was often heckled by his older brothers.


His young life was one of being commanded. Spar with your brothers, Thaseus. Heal your brothers' wounds, Thaseus. Entertain your sisters, Thaseus. Hunt with your father, Thaseus-- your brothers are too busy. Protect your family, Thaseus. Be useful, Thaseus.


Eventually he has enough of this; but what was he to do? Continuing to live with his family, and his people, would never lead him to having his own purpose; his own life. So Thaseus decided to strike out of his own. Penniless, and with nothing more than basic skills, he's made his way using the one skill often sought, and rarely found-- healing.


Thaseus is tall, and strong-- yet shy, reserved, and quick to bend to orders. He seeks to make a name for himself, if only to bring it back home and have a life of his own.




And here's a link to the concept I came up with in the character creation.




I tried to make him look like he would be rather reserved... dour perhaps; someone who might sit to the side, and not know when was appropriate to speak up or chime in; someone who was quick to obey and likely not question or refuse. I'm not sure about the tattoo; but it felt like the splash color was needed when looking at his hair and beard. I also intended for him to look young, but not childish.


So! What do you all think?

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