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Wart Totonji Writes Down His Thoughts. (Feedback encouraged)

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Lately, I've been thinking about an alt that I can use to practice RP with during betas and practice writing with. I like this character a lot and I'm strongly considering keeping him for the entirety of ARR. I wrote the following while trying to fix my RL sleep schedule by staying up very late. You might pick up on some mentioning of the character narrating being tired as well, because that's just what was on my mind. Without further ado, here it is.


This isn't something you'd expect to find in the back of a book of schematics and blue prints, but here it is. In an attempt to stay awake and keep my mind sharp, I have taken to writing a few words about myself on the blank pages in my book. I do not know who will read this, nor do I particularly care. 


My name is Wowonji Wart Totonji. Currently, I am somewhere in the transition between the forests of the Black Shroud and the sands of Thanalan. Where exactly, I can not say with any semblance of accuracy. I have been asleep for a good while, as it was well into night when I decided to rest my eyes, and we seem to be at mid sun right now. My rest is over, much to my dismay, until we reach Drybone and we can settle for the night. I suppose I should explain who "we" is are is. As of this moment, I am sitting in the back end of a juryrigged carriage as part of a small caravan headed from Gridania to my home city of Ul'dah. I spent the last two weeks in the forest town, inquiring about certain flora native to the Black Shroud to be used as composites for my alchemical concoctions. I, unlike many of my kin, am entirely lacking in the ability to use magic. To make up for my weakness, I use my sharp mind to create inventions, potions and simple machines to keep a combative edge. Unfortunately, certain circumstances arose during my academic adventure and my armor, along with the inventions attached to it, were utterly destroyed. There is little to show for my Gridania trip outside of a backpack full of leaves and the notebook I am writing in right now. Requiring heavy armor, a shield, and minor crafting and engineering tools, I am forced to return to Ul'dah. These things are cheap in the marketplace and I anticipate I will get some sort of discount from age old friends of my family. 


I despise returning to Ul'dah. The city makes me cringe. It means nothing to me but defeat and the foolish choices of youth. As a wealthy, young, and bored citizen of Ul'dah, I enlisted in the Brass Blades, hoping to find adventure and serve my nation. I had heard about the fall of Ala Mhigo and I thought I could make a difference in the world. It took a lot of scars and dead friends to realize that a nation is just a place, and people are the ones worth defending. Through my defeats I learned to fight with my mind and not merely the weapons I was given. Crafting gadgets and tools out of standard issue armor and weapons, I became quite fierce. A powerful, but kindly Hellsguard gave me the name "Wart" during my time in the service of the Blades. He said it was because I was a short, unappealing pain in the ass behind. After a few cycles, I left the Blades and took up adventuring as it was gaining popularity. I moved between mercenary groups and solo work often, and for many cycles I was quite successful. Five cycles ago, I broke my leg in battle against a group of bandits and was recovering in Ul'dah when Dalamud fell and released the beast. I should have been there to fight alongside my friends. Ever since then, Ul'dah has reminded me of nothing but shame and helplessness. But alas, here I am at thirty-six cycles old, complaining like a child.


Thirty-six cycles old. We lalafell age slower than most races in Eorzea to my knowledge, and I still feel like a bright-eyed child sometimes. In truth, I would much rather be fishing and sleeping the day away like a boy than traveling and fighting. I suppose that would be the reason I enjoyed my stay in Limsa Lominsa so much. Last cycle, I journeyed to the port city to help an old friend with a pirate problem he had been having. Although the business was serious and the battles were dangerous, all I really recall is how much I enjoyed sailing for the first time. After two weeks of chasing down the pirates and skirmishing with them, we successfully sank them brought them to justice. For a full moon after that, I remained in Limsa Lominsa, just to enjoy the sound of the waves and the salty air of the sea. I would very much like to return there some day. Perhaps after my stop in Ul'dah, I can find an excuse to return. Though I feel my Ul'dah trip will include fights and favors, and will last at least twice thrice as long as I intend. I hate Ul'dah.


It must be mid afternoon by now. The hot Thanalan sun is burning my skin even through the overhead tarp. In a few bells the sun will go down and the desert cool will ride in, bringing some temporary comfort to the sun-burned skin of my companions and I. From there it will get colder, as deserts tend to at night. I can only hope we reach Camp Drybone by then to find comfortable lodging.


I have been writing in this notebook for what appears to be several bells. I suppose it is time to give it a rest and join my traveling partners in conversation. I doubt any of them know Thanalan like I do.



Not my best writing, but I think it outlines the character well enough. Let me know what you think!

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