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[Mateus/Crystal] Brandic - Wayfaring Knight Seeking Friends/Adventure/Culture and more!

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Hey, everyone! I am seeking out some contacts for my delightful lad here and thought I would give the forums a spin!


Brandic is a Hyur midlander fro Gyr Abania, that talks like a Limsan, and occasionally has armor that makes him mistaken for Ishgardian. In other words, he is good-natured adventurer who is a bit of a mess at times, but has a heart of gold and is loyal as they come. He makes for a friendly conversation sure to uplift, or a handy shield at your side.


What I'm looking for:

-Friends/short or long term contacts/casual conversation RP: Brandic is lovely to talk to and is one to inspire hope and happiness in others. If your character is needing someone to talk to, a boost of resolve, or is someone who enjoys lending an themselves, they might get along with him! He also enjoys the company of others, helping to reduce his stress.


Mentor/Mentee RP: Brandic is decently skilled in both the skills of a gladiator and the spells of red magic, even going so far to somewhat interweave the two to create his own path to near-paladin levels. That being said, he is always happy to learn more or share what he has learned thus far.


- Adventure RP: The Hyur is an explorer by heart and loves to see new things. Maybe your character needs another member for protection in their travels or a hand fighting dark creatures. So long as the cause and tone are overall good in nature, Brandic is willing to help, often for little to no pay! Or perhaps you are an expert of a foreign culture? He would love to hear all about it!


Heyo once more! I am typically around in the afternoon to early evening in MST and am usually free to RP outside of my FC officer obligations. Feel free to PM me if you think you would like to meet my delightful boy and we can work on setting something up! Thanks for taking the time to read him over!! 


You can find his carrd here for even more hooks:



If you have any questions or want to reach out to me, you can find me at Brandic#9872 on discord as well.

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