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The Celestial Forge

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Acquire weapon, armor, trinkets, and fine jewelry at the Celestial Forge!

Our stock is custom-crafted by techniques learned before the Calamity by master smiths

Items may be requested from stock, or crafted by our artisans for a minimal convenience fee

Mystical enhancements a specialty!

Storefront located on the lower level of Limsa Lominsa

(small print)Celestial Forge is fully approved by the Blacksmith, Armorsmith, and Goldsmiths’ Guild.  Registered member of the Eorzean Labour Union in good standing.  Special orders may require negotiation.  All prices subject to change.



This is an IC and OOC store being run by Nel Turuphant and Isilme Turuphant in Limsa Lomina on the Balmung Server. The store serves as a custom storefront for metalworking crafts (Armorsmithing, Goldsmithing, and Blacksmithing). Current employees are Rhio Aldul (saleswoman) and Miya Sha (assistant smith).  Between us we have at least five of the eight crafts currently at cap but In Character we focus on converting raw metals into usable forms.  Examples would be turning raw ore and rough gems into ingots, wire, gemstones and more.  We can and will take IC craftable commissions for gear.  Our prices depend on one of two options: we can find the materials and craft the items, which will cost the price of materials and possibly a tip, or you can provide the materials and we craft the item for just a small tip.  Materia melding is included in these two options.


Currently our store OOC crafts are:


Nel-  Armorsmith (50) Goldsmith (50) Alchemist (50) Woodworking (50) Others (14-22)

Isilme- Armorsmith (50) Blacksmith (50) Goldsmith (48) Leathercraft (42)  Others (35 and under)

Miya Sha- Blacksmith (50)  Alchemy & Cooking (30) Others (40)

Rhio Aldul- All Crafts (20 and under)




This will be expanded on as I get the logo improved and make the actual flyer



Location: X6 Y12 Lower Limsa Lominsa


If you'd like to RP getting anything made, please send one of the members a tell and we'll rush to meet you if we are able. If not, we'll set up a time together. You can also PM myself or any other member if you'd like as well.

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