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Hello, I'm Cole. Although I haven't decide on a character's name yet. (This forum allows you change username, how convenient!)


I have role-playing experience in MUD game called Achaea - I am a protector of forests and scholar of nature and elemental studies, lore and history. My role-playing experience usually involved historical research, safeguarding and patrolling Nature because that is what I like to do. I'm not sure if I could repeat the experience in FF XIV because a MUD game is very dynamic. In Achaea, there are libraries of books written by players themselves for example. I am most definitely believe that RPC and FF XIV could give me an entirely different experience!


I have just received a beta-key this morning, and I will join the game tomorrow. I wasn't sure where I had read it but I read the RPC members gather on 'Besaid' server and a different server during Beta? May I ask someone advise me in this regards?


I'm new to linkshell. Is Linkshells design to be guilds of different play-type and goals or they are simply groupings of RPC members? I also noticed some Linkshell choose a specific server, some explanation in this regards would be helpful!

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Greetings my friend! sorry for the slow reply Moogle got drunk so I had to run here to give you this message my self!


Let me try and answer your questions! People used to use the old Lodestone site for character journals so you could technically also use them as books.


As for your last question. Most Rpers are gathered on Gilgamesh at the moment for beta. but when Phase 4 starts everyone will be crawling their way to Balmung. Besaid is a server that no longer exists it was merged into Balmung during 1.0.


As for Link shells they are like guilds yes and a chat channel. When someone who has authorisation gives you a link pearl it will grant you access to that channel.


To confuse you even more Free companies are a different type of guild as far as I know you can only be in one Free company but you can be in up to 8 Link shells I think.


Right now people are playing beta since it's only on for a limited time so the forums are a bit quiet but feel free to ask any questions and I am sure someone will get back to you with answers! hopefully someone more qualified than myself!  The people are very friendly here and they are as cuddly as a :chocobo:. But yes welcome once more and enjoy your stay.

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Kari, great job on explanation and welcome Coral! (Cole)


Feel free to ask us for help with anything!


Message me if you have questions!


Also, if you are in the market for a linkshell, check out the linkshell forum thread on this site!


Welcome to the RPC!

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