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Some Kind of Introduction

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>"Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)"


Um, this is the second FF14 related forum I joined this week. My name is Naomi Konishi and I come from an Asian-American family. Friends just call me Nako, or Nomi. The first nickname came from a friend by putting the first two letters of my first and last name. The second nickname... I don't know where it came from. I'm an inspiring artist, hoping to become an internet artist of (small) renown some day. I'm going to college for art classes and working towards my bachelor's degree.


My hobbies include Music, Poetry, Philosophy, Role-Play, and Math. Before you call me a nerd for enjoying math, I blame being Asian. Heeheehee.


A couple of girlfriends and I are also developing a pen-and-paper role-play system called Imagino. Imagino is currently in alpha and is almost ready for public testing. There is just one more class to finish before we're ready. We're based in California and testing is likely to occur somewhere in Southern Cal. We haven't decided yet. A brief description of Imagino's setting is... Imagino is a virtual simulation enjoyed by the surviving members of a post-apocalyptic earth. Life in the real world just sucks, but every night when one sleeps, one can hook up to Imagino. There, one can experience a pre-apocalyptic earth that is shaped by people with strong imagination and stronger wills. In Imagino, creativity is the catalyst for harnessing extraordinary powers and abilities.


/end shameless advertisement


>"RP experience"

>"What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?"


I've been role-playing a few years, I really enjoy the activity. I fancy myself a heavy role-player. I enjoy all subjects of role-play; there really isn't anything off limits to me. I personally believe any subject of role-play can create a good story with enough creativity and development.


>"How did you learn about the coalition?"

>"Character ideas/info"


I found it on accidentally, trying to look for what FF14 server would be the Role-Play server! I'm glad I stumbled across this site. :] Truth be told I know little about Final Fantasy as a whole, I've only played spin-offs like Crystal Chronicles. Aside from Crystal Chronicles, my knowledge of Final Fantasy is as follows:


-Cloud is a dude.

-Moogles are adorable.

-Chocobos are giant chickens.


I hope that as I role-play, I get to learn more about about the Final Fantasy franchise and maybe get into it beyond just spin-offs. In light of my lack of knowledge of FF's lore, my character Mist (from previous rps) is likely to be an amnesic... giving me an IC excuse to ask lots and lots of stupid questions and revel in awe at the world and it's history! :] Once I know enough about the lore I'll feel more comfortable writing a fully fleshed out FF story and committing to it.

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Welcome in!


I'm guessing yur second nickname comes from the "a" going on a trip!


As for Final Fantasy knowledge, just read around! You don't really need knowledge of any other Final Fantasy game as they'Re all "final" and unrelated (except X-2 that's related to X, and there is always an awesome guy named Cid for some reason, and he's into airships).


Also, your rpg sounds like fun but I'm way over my head into games right now so I'm not gonna want to playtest, unfortunately. ^^:

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-Moogles are adorable.


It's so true though. I think the FFXIV team did an amazing job of making the moogles in the game very distinctive, but still very adorable. At some point I intend to get my hands on the moogle plush they've offered in the past. ...Also, I hope there's a moogle pet in game at some point.


Anyway, welcome to the RPC!

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Welcome to the RPC! everyone is super awesome here like cake.


People are being a bit quiet today due it being beta day and since we can only get our hands on it for 2 days everyone is like hugging it like a baby Choccobo!


Here is Xenedra's number one hit A guide around the world


Whilst Eva has conducted studies to get into the mind of others she left a small hand book about lying about I suggest checking it out quick before she comes back! RP handbook


But yes feel free to ask any questions!




-Cloud is a dude.

But but I saw him in a dress :?

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