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Newbie q:s

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So I just got into the beta yesterday. Made a character on Balmung and is on the hunt for some nice rp. So two questions - 


* I'm not really following the talk about legacy, I haven't played the earlier installment off ffxiv. I read somewhere that balmung was closed to new players, but I made a character yesterday without problems. Should I be concerned for some reason? 


* Which would be the best place to go to to find rp:ers Is there a good spot to start or are there guilds (or are thats whats called Linkshells?) that I should join? I'm playing a lalafell.



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1. Character creation restrictions were eased on legacy worlds as of the start of this testing period: http://na.beta.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/news/detail/991bbcb4842c7af69f82326302a74eba2a57a68e


2. Most of us seem to be on Gilgamesh for phase 3, but everyone will switch to their "real" servers (Balmung or the TBD non-legacy server, which will be voted on soon) at the start of phase 4, which is when data will start carrying over to release unless something goes wrong.


To research linkshells, check out the Linkshell Hall forum. :cactuar:

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Ah I see, thanks. So to find rp, I just join interesting linkshells and see where that takes me? Or are there places in the world where rp:ers tend to hang out, like a Hydaelyn alternative to lotros Prancing pony?


Would you say that, at this time, the rp-community at Gilgamesh is bigger than Balmung? I could easily remake my char for that server at this early point.

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