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Dwarf Background/Lore


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Lali-ho! I just recently dove into RP on ff14 and was inspired to do so by the Dwarf beast tribe. So much so that I race changed my character that I had been playing as a Rogaden from the begining. Aside from the in game quests themselves, I haven't been able to locate much on the lore or backstory of them that I could somewhat start to build my story from. I've tossed around the idea of being one of the Dwarves that was curred by Lamitt which lead to their exile, or maybe a decendent of one of her followers depending on how age and such works. 

Any help I could get finding lore or an LS of dwarves to mingle with would be great. Thanks in advance.

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It might be tough but I've seen some first rpers on mateus.  Might start your search with any groups you see in Norvrandt?  That's my best suggestion.

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