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Character Name: Tosheden Muramasa (Last name means Demonblade)

Pronunciation: Toe-shee-din Moo-Rah-Mah-Sah

Aliases: N/A

Birthdate: 26th day of the 6th Astral Moon

Race: Hyur

Gender: Male

Profession: Warrior

Occupation: Sellsword and part time Blacksmith

Orientation: Heterosexual

Apparent Age: 22







    Tosheden is a man with only one goal. To get stronger, even if that means getting himself into mess in the process. He's a usually quiet in big crowds unless directly spoken too or something (or someone) catches his attention. And then you will learn that he's actually a joker, and can bit bit arrogant at times. But overall he means well...unless you challenge him to a duel. He gets most of his excitement from engaging in combat. And will usually be seen smiling ear to ear when engaged. He loves to fight as much as he loves being around attractive women. 


    Although he's sharp, he will sometimes put himself in dangerous situations just to gauge his skills. For that reason, he's rarely seen without a blade unless it's absolutely necessary. He's a sponge when it comes to learning something new and picks up on just about anything very easily. There are times however, where he can over analyze a situation, that internally hinders him from making huge decisions right away. As a kid he would sneak out of the house a lot and train in the fields. He believed at an early age, that his calling was to become a Mercenary but not just anyone...the strongest. Despite his father's attempts at keeping him away from that kind of life.






    Tosheden is the offspring of both an Hyruian Midlander and Highlander. His father Toshiro Muramasa, was a retired mercanary who became an exceptional Blacksmith and settled down with his late wife, Yumi. Unfortunately, she became very ill after giving birth to Tosheden and eventually passed away when he was only three years of age. Leaving him to be raised by his Father and mentored by his uncle Gin Demonblade. Growing up around a blacksmith, Tosheden was constantly gazing at various types of weaponry. Despite his Fathers, attempt to keep him from that dangerous lifestyle he slowly but surely found out this was a losing battle.

     Around the time Tosheden became a teenager, his uncle Gin, had recently opened his own Dojo called, The School Of Malestorm, located a fair distance across the waters and off shore of Limsa Lominsa on a vacant island mostly covered in wilderness. Tosheden was at the entry age for this school where he would live on that island for remainder of his teenage years. After convincing his father to let him go, he left and was gone for quite some time. While away his father was assassinated in his sleep by a female M'itoque bandit.


     His uncle kept this piece of information from Tosheden knowing it would make him become vengeful and keep him focused on training for as long as he could. But alas, Tosheden eventually connected the dots and realized his father was murdered instead.  He didn't intially know, his father was murdered until he graduated the school as his uncle knew but kept it a secret to keep him focused on training and told him he passed away in his sleep of old age.



    He had to close his fathers shop and turned his back on blacksmithing as a whole. As he was secretly practicing in his sparetime while living on the island with his uncle. He then became a Mercenary for hire as he was with no money and his own. 


      Eventually, he encountered a female miqo'te who was bandit attempting kill him to further harrasss the mercant he currently was a Bodyguard for. This encounter almost costed him his life if it weren't for the efforts of Ellion Gato who happened to step in right before the fatal blow was delievered. The assilant who fled the scene immediately after. Although he walked away from that fight he was left with a permanent scar that stretches from his left eyebrow, across his nose and to his right cheek. But this haunted him because he was never beaten in a one on one fight so effortless before. Ellion offered to help him find her but under the condition Tosheden joined the Nightblades. He was interested in the pupil who rose from The School Of Malestorm and saw him as worthy investment for his ambitions...

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