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I. Basic Info

  • Primary character: Chiané Naevioux/T'kyiah Sorehn
  • Characters: *see above*
  • Server: Balmung

  • Primary RP linkshell: Facets of Eorzea
  • Linkshells: *TBD*


II. RP Style

  • Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):
Medium-Heavy to Heavy. I am always IC, if only mentally. :P
I love to RPvE, PvE and do dungeons and so on. Yes, I believe you can RP dungeons. Yes, I also believe you have to have a group of the same mindset and goal. *grins* And yes, I am fully agreeable to PvE dungeons and such too.
I have been a Raider in the past, I love seeing what the game devs have created- both visually, and gameplay wise.
I am an achievement freak, but hate grinding.  I have times I just want to 'smack a mole' and not talk/RP... and some I just want to get lost in good RP.
Overall- Great RP will override any PvE content or achievement acquisition urgings. 
Views on RP combat and injuries:
I believe in consequences.

In the past, I have participated in dark RP involving a lot of violence, torture (mental and physical) and so on. I'm not opposed to scars, minor losses, etc. No permadeath or major things unless agreed upon. No child... erm anything (save maybe some mental manipulation- nothing permanent scarring, just 'misdirection/lies/maneuvering'). Kids are sacred.
I believe in quid pro quo combat- give and take. I've never done the /roll combat thing before- I've just shot from the hip. Attack, and let the opposition respond, then respond to theirs. As long as it is logical and fair, I'm cool. If it gets ridiculous, silly and annoying? I'm tapping out, as that "RP" has now been erased from my memory banks.
Example: Spearhead Quick Combat
OOC communication for both combatants is imperative. Knowing the 'end' is important to me- if it matters. (aka: ok.. we'll fight, it will be messy but you'll/I'll win). From there, we can duke it out however we like to that agreed upon end. Of course, I would typically not engage in any physical/text battle with a stranger OOC. I'd have to know the opponent some OOC and trust them to a degree. (much like any good RP, tbh) 
Views on IC romance:

I have no issues with it, but believe in it occurring naturally, organically and based on IC interactions. It is part of Life, and... well, my character is living in this world. I'd like her to have the chance to explore it.
Although I have a strict IC stays IC and OOC stays OOC rule, and I do NOT cross that line... there are two caveats: 1.) I will only RP romantic situations with male characters played by males. It is a subconscious thing more than an IC thing and something I've found I cannot truly ignore and relax into the RP. *shrugs* 2.) If I am RPing a romance with an OOC attached or married guy, I want it to be ok with the GF/wife and only go so far as she is comfortable. Again, I refuse to be the reason for OOC stress and disharmony IRL. Oh, ok one more... 3.) I will not RP romance with any person IRL younger than 18. Not opening THAT can of worms either (not that it's been a problem in the past- lol) 
Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):
No issues here either. If anyone is interested, let me know
:) I think the more 'life' that can be given to a character, the more connections (either good or bad), etc... the better. Makes for a more well-rounded character. I'd just like to know if anyone is hooking their character up to mine in some way- at least OOC- so I can respond (or not depending hehe) IC. 
Views on lore:
I R Lore Hound. If you have it, I want it. I am VERY conscientious of canon and lore, and trying to keep my characters well within acceptable ranges- yet still allow them to be themselves. (so if I ever say/post/allude to anything that is NOT supported or feasible via canon- it is a total accident and I -want- to know! please...)

I literally cannot think of a character until I have a nice chunk of lore swimming in my mind and I let it marinate a bit. As it is.. the character that has introduced herself to me (Yes, that IS the way I make a character... they tell me who they are and I bring them to life)... seems to be fitting nicely within the lore. Reading several Legacy members' character wikis has helped me become more confident that what 'she' is telling me is actually ok. So yes... huge believer in lore and wanting to learn more. 
Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):
/say, /whisper, /yell (ye gods I -hate- yell... but...): always, always IC (save occasional use of ((...)))

/linkshell, /tell, /group: depends. If the linkshell agrees for linkshell chat to be IC, (and there is a legit way of talking to others over long distances) then it is. If not, it's OOC. Preference- if there is no custom chat channel especially- is OOC. [am not a fan of virtual taverns and RP in chat boxes.. makes the 'reality' fuzzy for me: am I really HERE fighting this Ifrit... or THERE chatting it up with friend and a bottle of ale?]
/tell  is the same- OOC unless there is a way for long distance communication via canon. /group is IC when private discussions are occurring where would be IC (or OOC) inappropriate to be overheard. 
RP preferences, etc:
Mentioned some in my "*waves*" thread in the Welcome area, but here we go:

I love my RP. I love my RP complex, interesting and exciting. That doesn't mean *fireworks* every night by any stretch. It means... character development, stories and adventures that bring you OUT of the tavern and INTO the world. Chases, hunts, puzzles, intrigue, battles, verbal conflicts, physical conflicts, back room deals, teetering on the edge of lies and truth... I want LIFE in my RP. Not just TV soap operas or sitcoms (those are fun sometimes, but not meat & potatoes, yanno?).
I want a movie, a miniseries... a grand novel. I want to see characters grow and develop, live and breathe, suffer and hate, rise up and win... face challenges... And I want to paint with a broad stroke and dive into cultures. I'm not opposed to IC theater, minstrel groups, military/thug squads, religious sects (or very traditional characters), technobabble and grass roots education... *pants*
I... think... I want it all. But not just for MY character- I want it all for all those I interact with. And if I can do my part in making their RP exciting too? I am -very, very- happy. VERY.
See? ---> :D 

III. Other Info

  • Country: USA
  • Timezone: CST... but I work nightshift so am usually up REALLY late/early morning
  • Stuff: ICU/Forensic RN w/BA in Anthropology
    "I walk between the candle and the night..."
    That I might bring voice to the silent and justice to the unjust; healing to the sick and relief to survivors.
  • Contact info: here is good... I don't recall my Skype info ATM (will research and return)... the rest depends on how well we get on. *grins*
    Have a Vent and Mumble acct (I think)- used for raiding/dungeoning and a few OOC chats... but those are tied to the games I've played.

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