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I'll keep my hood up over my head and lurk around the shadows for a while. Saw a thread on the FFXIV beta forums and stopped on by. I'm running around Leviathan playing the game just for fun but figure I'd aim for something more during official release.


RP exp: I have some but I wouldn't say I'm all that great. I've played in a MUD called New Worlds Ateraan for about 3 months or so. It was fun but I feel the community was never all on the same page save for the "south", but I'm only assuming that one. I'm also an avid gamer but a novice when it comes to MMO's.


RP Style: Medium. I'm willing to put forth the effort for good RP but... There are times when I'll want to just relax and enjoy the game.


Character: A stoic, aloof female Roedygyn named "Aether Vestige". Personality archetype is like an AI that just became self aware, but they'll be more human and less "knowy" about the world.


About me: A schmuck. I'm hoping to take a fashion Illustration class in community college so I can clothe the figures I draw. Right now, my drapery skills aren't on par with my figure drawing >.> I also 'feel' old in the gaming community, not Atari old but Super NES old, ugh!


If I could be any animal I'd be a dragon. Why? Because I could sleep all day, live in a cave far away from the rest of the world and scare off all the people who annoy me. That (Pauses, Innocently rolls eyes) and the sacrificial maidens >,^

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Sooooooooooooooooooo you would be a dragon......


I would be one too, but for the reason that hanging out with the nomads from Game of Thrones and their leader princess girl who would raise me would eb pretty cool.


Other than that, I would be a rabbit.  Hopping is a pretty cool way tot ravel.  I would advise you to try it sometime.  Plus, you get to steal vegetables and get away with it cause little kids will tell their farmers paretns not to off you cause you are sooooo cute!


Ah, what a life!  But, i digress.


Welcome to the community!


I would love to hear your character ideas!

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I wouldn't exactly say my ideas are all that great but If you want inspiration for character concepts you should look at the dialogue in "Fire Emblem Awakening". Its not like their characters are all that deep or interesting but, its how they interact with other characters that made them special. For me that was the games focus, forget the story I want to know what Vaike has to say to Chrom. Anime is of course, the other great resource for character concepts. I'm hesitant to open that door here in this thread soooo yeah -.-


Any way, the one soft spot I've always had were characters that are just normal people who get caught up in events and take up arms or reluctantly walk the path of an adventurer. They provide the baseline for normalcy and allow the larger than life characters to really shine, even if those normal characters don't really seem all that interesting. Sort of like backstage actors.


And as for Chocolate *Quetzac forces a smile* I love chocolate *Stashes said gold foil in an obscure pouch lining his coat*  Thank you *Continues to smile pleasantly*


PS: I used to RP an undesirable fellow and it might be my fallback character. Want to branch out ant try something that won't have me racking my brain with ways to insult other characters. All in good fun of course ^ ^

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