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Tall Miqo'te seeking a good time- wait, not like that!

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Hey everyone, 

I have taken a break from FFXIV after my raid static disbanded, but I would like to return, so I figured that getting a bit more involved in the roleplay scene would help me with my motivation to log in. :)

My character is Aed'a Inan, a 6'5 miqo'te that, at last in his forties, can finally enjoy the inner peace he's always dreamt of. This comes after decades of dealing with the unique challenges that his high IQ and large pool of aether brought in his daily life; he grew up with a different perspective on just about anything, finding no one else to understand his vision and feeling like he had to suppress his true self in order to be accepted by his peers and not be branded a "freak", something that he was very sensitive about when he was a wee kitten. Aed'a is finally at a point in life where his biggest worries can be the mundane problems that almost every middle-a(g)ed man can relate to; that, and well, finding love...an equation to which no mathematical formula can be applied to. He also enjoys training for combat nowadays, not yet an adventurer, but he's taking his first few, shy steps towards exploring this beautiful, but dangerous world.


Currently, Aed'a is employed at the Arcanists' Guild as a teacher, but like mentioned above, he's looking to break out of his shell and go out on the field more, or just adventuring in general, broadening his horizons. I don't have a specific type of roleplay or encounter in mind for him, I am just looking for people that show interest in him and would like to RP, be it in game or Discord.
My only requirements would be literacy (although browsing some other entries here, that doesn't seem to be a problem!) and honesty, it's OK if something doesn't work out, it's OK if either of us accidentally does something that the other wasn't fine with, as long as we're open to communication, then is all good.

If you want to get in touch, you can reply to this post, or contact me on Discord: Lux#7859. 

2021-04-26_21-44-33-394_Talim - Travel.png

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)

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