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 My names Sam and I'm new to RPing and FF14. I have been a big FF fan since super Nintendo though. The only game that I've played that is somewhat like an mmorpg is DCUO. Played that game since open beta. That whole time I only stuck with one person I created named Mr. Heat.


 Since I was never here for 1.0 and only know the tidbits I have learned looking online. I thought it would be fun to make a story about what would happen if Mr Heat was brought to the Final Fantasy realm. I already have somethings sticking my head about it. For starters what would be his reaction to seeing a Chocobo or moogle for the first time.


This is the beginning story I made up for him so far.


The Crystal Reached Out for Help, but Superman and Lex couldn't make it......



So instead we few were chosen to answer the call. Believe me though in no way was this my idea. I had a good thing going in Metropolis. I hate to brag, but I was almost as big as Lex, Joker, and that lady that can do magic.....ok maybe she's not that big aaannd yes maybe I might be lying just a tad bit about almost being as big as Lex and Joker. That's not important, don't know why you brought that up anyways.


Where was I before you interrupted me? Oh yeah like I was saying, just minding my own business just trying to make an unhonest living so I can feed my poor hungry henchmen when the next thing I know there's a bright light . Now let me make sure you're understanding. I go by the name Mr Heat, fire is my thing. I could light up a few square blocks, so when I say it was bright, I mean it was BRIGHT.


So to recap. Yada yada yad big thing. Yada yada yada hungry henchmen. Yada yada BRIGHT. Once the light faded I was floating in front of a huge crystal. Just when I thought I've seen it all it started talking to me like something out of Final Fantasy.


"Lex I have called you here to help save our realm from the darkness that is coming. Will you answer the call of the Crystal?"


"Um I'm not Lex , sooo can you send me back to Metropolis?"


"Not Lex? Oh dear this isn't good. I'm afraid I can't send you back, so you will have to do."


Can that crystal make you feel special or what. Made me all warm inside. I was about to ask it just why the hell it couldn't send me back, but the next thing I know I'm waking up here in this wagon telling you my story


I'm not sure how this whole RPing gets started so I'll be putting my name in the mentor thread, and also looking for a free company and/or linkshell that could fit into their ever growing story.


Thanks for adding me to the site.

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It's definitely original. You might have a bit of a difficult time finding a place that will accept his backstory, but it was definitely a hoot to read!

Well I hope someone can use a comic relief supporting role character, and thanks again for the complement.

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