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[Mateus/Crystal] Leila Valnain

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・゜・゚✧・゜・゚Leila Valnain・゜・゚✧・゜・゚

The cheerful knight ready to seek her adventure!


Art by Aniemswork


ʚ♡ɞ Character Sheet ʚ♡ɞ



Race: Viera (Veena)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Nameday: 1552 Sixth Astral Era

Height: 6ft. 2 inches

Weight: 195 lb.

Orientation: No Preference

Main Class: Knight

Occupation: Adventurer (Odd jobs)

Homeland: Dalmasca



ʚ♡ɞ Physical Introduction ʚ♡ɞ


One may be greeted by the strawberry complexity of her locks, which brush down her lower back at first introduction. Countless waves and curls before a gyrate of her form us acted upon to reveal her expressive impression. She carries herself in a way one would assume soldiers taking shore leave would. Tall, vigorous, and unswerving. However, her countenance would act almost like oil attempting to dance with a body of water. A youthful, pale face with honey-golden orbs would guide a cheerful, naïve smile to her lips. Her voice carrying a silvery tone that is clear as a bell with certainty in herself that puffs her chest subtly forward. An amalgamation of the rigid knight and adaptable adventurer. 



ʚ♡ɞ Personality ʚ♡ɞ

Cheerful and adventurous, Leila bears with her an energetic and positive perspective on life when socializing. Leila enjoys the company of any who has a good story to share. Her earnest and polite demeanor lending well to first impressions she makes. though she is disposed to offering her aid and happy to give gifts, Leila is stubborn in her refusal to accept the same or to rely on other people.

Her primary motivation in life is wanderlust and a strong sense of wonder. The Viera enjoys adventuring and travel. She often comes to the aid of people in need and takes on most any job request. As a warrior, she is susceptible to going berserk in the heat of battle, her kind smile turning manic with her passion for the fight.

On a personal level, Leila is very inquisitive of people. Her curiosity stems from the lack of exposure during her tenure in the provincial garrisons of Garlemald. She can be quite gullible and her lack of perspective on certain subjects may really shine upon her lack of experiences in life.



ʚ♡ɞ History ʚ♡ɞ


Synnove Landis, the Knight of the Mourning Sword, had served the republic of her namesake until it was conquered by the Garlean Empire. After she was conscripted and deployed for the invasion of Dalmasca, she lived a life of glory and battle. However, her renowned career and life as a soldier came to an end after she settled down in the territory she conquered. She was soon awarded a plot of land and a pension for her service which helped secure citizenship for her future children.

In this Imperial world grew up Leila who was born in Valnain. Being raised under the expectations and shadow of her mother, the girl was encouraged to have such beliefs as strength and glory. There would be no rest during Leila’s martial education. This strict regimen placed on her as well as the standard education Imperial Citizens enjoyed meant she was given little rest. Only for official holidays which there were few anyway. It was back to practicing feats such as swordsmanship, brawling and chocobo-back riding.



At the strong insistence of her mother, Leila joined the IVth Legion as a citizen which helped to separate her from the usual conscripts. Although she had lived her entire life in anticipation of following her mother’s footsteps, Leila felt little for the Ivory Standard. It was uninspiring for her dreams and ambitions. Scorned by conscripts for her connections and gifted status as a citizen, she felt isolated and awkward around her peers while also being dismissed by her superiors who could not look beyond her race even as a citizen.

Lelia bided her time and counted down the days. She served in frontier garrisons in Othard which saw little action and were usually sparsely populated. She was often well-received by locals who saw the Empire as bringing order to the provinces that neighbored the inhospitable steppe. Her usual tasks would involve slaying monsters that were a threat to the public order rather than participating in any fighting on a battlefield. It truly did make her feel alive. Especially when she was able to gaze out upon the open fields and breathe in the frontier air, vowing to chase after the opportunity that awaited her in the horizons.



Finally, the eternity passed. Leila Valnain was given leave after serving the Empire for the minimum amount of time required of a citizen. At first, she was unsure of what to do. She was on her own and she was not obligated to return to her home. She could go wherever. Be whoever. Freedom awaited. With a high act of impulsivity, Leila decided to join in the "Age of Adventure" and make her way to Eorzea. A fine sum of gold and silver would help her earn a beautiful cottage in The Mists with a small bakery just down the road. It would be enough to have her live in domestic bliss.

However, the urge to explore got the best of her. The genes of the knight and the glory of her tasks marked her deeper than she realized. It didn't take long for her to become the latest enlistment to the adventures guild. Hopeful, cheerful, and energetic, Leila Valnain is ready for the opportunity that awaits her with every day being a chance of a memorable experience.


614542_Bunny Knight.jpg


ʚ♡ɞ History ʚ♡ɞ


Hello there! Thank you for taking a look through my post it really does mean a lot to me. I was on a huge hiatus from FFXIV until only recently which means I wanted to have a fully new character to have contacts and fresh memories! I am hoping to find some people interested in helping me get back into the groove of RPing. 


Yes, the art you see in my profile and my carrd belong to me. Please do not use for your own characters or claim as Leila as your own. If you want to find out more about the artists feel free to ask! ❤️


I am always happy to chit chat with new people. I'd love to make new friends who enjoy going back with roleplaying with me.


Always down to do in-game events and casual FFXIV playing. 


Feel free to check out my carrd! It has more visuals, art, and extra info in the Profile section! It's the third section that talks of Misc. Info.



Discord is peachicake#8552 (I am most frequent to talk there)


Have a wonderful evening! I hope we can meet sometime! ^__^




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