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Mr. Heat and Chocobo

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 I climbed out of the back of the wagon as soon as it stopped.  I still couldn’t believe the mess I was in.Only a few hours ago I had been in Metropolis robbing a bank, or at least attempting to rob a bank. Times had changed though and you couldn’t even go two steps anymore without running into a super hero. So the whole robbery wasn’t going too well. Not two second after the alarm went off, fifty heroes showed up. Fifty! I only had 2 guys with me at the time helping me out. So let’s do the math.  Three divided by fifty add two and carry theone equals, a whole crap load of heroes about to beat the life out of use! Then poof I’m here, having to help out some talking crystal with its drama if I’m ever to get back home.


 I came around the wagon and headed for the gates that wouldlet me into the city we had come to. 

Maybe I could get some straight answers inside about where exactly wasgoing on and what had happened to me.


 I was almost to the gate when the next thing I know I’meating sand. Now let me inform you about eating sand in case you ever have that odd idea about eating some at one point in your life. Don’t, just don’t do it. I reached out for my fire powers, so I could barbeque whoever had knocked me down to the ground., but to my disbelief I no longer had my powers. Instead of my powers there was something else there, but I just couldn’t reach it. I didn’t have much time to think about it, because a second later I was being lifted back onto my feet.


“I’m so sorry Adventurer. Chocobos are usually a friendlysort, but for some reason I’ve been having a hard time with this one.”  


“A choco what”?  Iasked, dusting myself off.


Then I looked up, and looked up even more.


“What the hell is that thing? Some sort of mutated ostrich”?I asked the guy holding what I’m guessing was its leash.


“Ostrich”? The man mumbled under his breath. “No fineAdventurer it’s a Chocobo. Dear I hope he didn’t hit you too hard. I’m afraid you might have some head trauma.”


“I’m fine, but to be clear about this. That sesame streetlooking bird is called a Cocobow”?


“It’s a Chocobo, adventurer .”


“That’s what I said, A Chocobo.  So what do you guys do with these things? Eatem”? I asked the guy.


“Oh heavens no, you ride them. In fact my chocobo are the fastest you’ll find on this side of Eorzea. Would you care to rent one”?


“Ride them? Don’t have cars or even horses”?


“Cars….Horses? Adventurer, 

I really think you need to see about getting some healing down on you’?


I just shocked my head and started walking to the gateagain. Chocobo? What crazy place was I stuck in and what happened to my powers. I hoped that inside this city I’d find answers…

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