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Searching for a New home.

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This is Jazmin Kahkol-kha. A wonderful character of mine that I've been playing through the story as for the past two years. Originally created to try and do a in character kind of story focused slow run of the game. I found that all the players that I play with didn't have much interest in doing anything rp related. Even if it was just the basics as talking in character.

I want a new home for her, a new FC to be able to give me the energy to play as a character that I have put a lot into their backstory and design of. In a sort of brief description of what I'm looking for, I am looking for a RP centered guild that will encourage and respond to always in character play, at least as far as casual dialogue is concerned. This character is mostly just to casually play through the content of FFXIV (I have a max level character elsewhere that I play the content for... However she isn't played as often because I honestly have so much fun playing as Jazmin.)

I really didn't know how to post up this message, but after initial introductions are out of the way, I would like to go into detail on her as a character and her story so far.

Name: Jazmin (pronounced Yas*Min) Kahkol-Kha
Race: Au'ra
Clan: -Raen- (Her father was Raen, while her mother was Xaela. Complexion wise takes after her mother, although her  clan ties are stronger with the Raen.)
Age: 19

Jazmin's mother was a Xaela Arcanist from the Azim Steppe. And her father was a Raen merchant from Doma. He would travel often to The Steppe to trade with the various tribes there, and this was initially where he met her mother. They courted over several months while things got dicey in the capitol while the Garlean Empire started to spread it's roots and take control of things. Yet on the ground most people didn't see any issue with the encroaching soldiers and armies. Believing them to be a good thing initially... When things continued to get worse though, the Xaela closed their borders to outsiders, including other Au'Ra. And in a hasty decision the Xaela left, exiling herself and her pet Griffin to be able to live with someone she believed to love.

The two of them moved into a cabin in the Ruby Sea, Doma not trusting the Xaela roots from the Arcanist. And for a while they were happy, even having a child together. It might have been lucky, or just a delayed misfortune that they decided to live where they did, soon after Doma was completely under Garlean control. And, even though her father continued to trade, there was a stark difference in the freedoms allowed to those in the areas.

They had a child nonetheless, and when Jazmin was two, her mother took ill. For three years the Arcanist fought the plague that wracked her body. Nobody knowing what exactly the problem was, and she died a natural death at the age of five for the young Auri. Fast forward a few years, her father has stopped running his trading ships to Doma, and now only Fishes in the Ruby Sea, selling it to villages nearby. His daughter learning to fish and trade with him.

Things continued to get worse for the region,  the calamity happened. And then trade with the larger parts of the world became near impossible to do. And even though they could feel the grip of their lot. Jazmin doesn't remember many times where her father frowned. Except on the day that she turned 18.

Instead of a small celebration like they normally had, it was a somber cold morning. A bag was packed for her and her father gave her a hug. Handing the young Auri her mothers tome she told her that there were arcanists in the far land of Eorzea that could teach her what was surely waiting inside of her.

Along with that book, there was the box that contained her mothers ashes and a note. A last request. When Jazmin's mother was younger, much like her age now, the woman traveled the world, got to see wonderful and beautiful things and creatures.... She met their Griffin in the wonderous mountain peaks of Abalathia's Spine. And as a final request, and against her father's deep desires, her mother requested that her ashes be spread on those same mountains that she found herself at decades ago.

With this Jazmin was sent out into the world. Smuggled onto a ship heading towards a place called Limsa Lominsa...

It's been a year since then. A lot of turmoil for the young girl. Friends gained, and friends lost. And currently she would love to find a group of people to help her get to the mountainous north.


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