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Carrd Commissions • Open • Two Slots

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Shello everyone! 


I do carrd designs and have been offering these as commissions on my other platforms for a little while now. These can be commissions for: Characters, Events, Venues, Groups, Galleries, or other purposes you may need! The base price is $20USD (this includes basic coding like removing the scroll bar for some browsers). If you need me to ghost write, it’ll be $30USD. If you need complex coding done (within carrd’s limitations) we can have that discussion. I have a few simple terms noted below! 


All payment, regardless of what that payment may be, is expected 50% upfront. The final 50% is expected upon completion.

  • You may request a refund before I have begun your project. After that point, I will not be doing refunds.
  • The only exception to this is if I must cancel.

Make yourself aware of my style. I have provided examples for a reason. Make sure that you like what I do before hiring me.

I am chronically ill. There will be delays. You must be a patient client. Projects can take upwards of a month to complete or schedule. You will be informed of any and all delays.




Some WIPs:


Please consider reaching out to me here or on Discord ( BumblingSeaBiscuit#5703 ) if you're interested in claiming a slot. Thank you!

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