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[Crystal/Balmung] Seeking RP partner(s)

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Hello!  I'm a character-oriented long form poster looking for one or more compatible partners to build stories with.  I prefer mature and dark themes interspersed with a bit of levity here and there.   I adore angst, (IC) drama and internal conflict.  It is always darkest before the dawn! :)


My playtimes are evenings US Eastern (UTC-4/-5) from 7-ish to midnight.


I'm improvisational by nature and I like being surprised or challenged by what you bring to the scene.  I'll react to and build upon it.  I tend to discover story arcs rather than plan them ahead of time.  I enjoy seeing your character develop and grow as much as my own. 


ERP if and when it makes sense IC and if it advances the story.  I enjoy it when it's done well but its just another tool in the bag for relationship storytelling - there are plenty of other tools.   OOC communication is encouraged and welcome to make sure we're on the same page about expectations and ground rules.


I'm open to both in-game RP and Discord RP although I prefer at least _some_ in-game.  Feel free to /w me in game if you have questions, want to discuss a story idea or just hook up somewhere in game so see if something clicks.


More info and character background:  https://shaza.carrd.co

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