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[Balmung] Viera Seeking Partners and Connections!

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Looking for MRP, random RP, Dark RP, any RP really, but most of all, fun RP. I am a light to para RPer always happy to interact and spark a story.

I generally prefer a wicked story, something edging on the darker sides of criminal and such, so bring on the cruel, twisted, the vampire, the crazy, I love getting thrown a curveball just to see how things will turn out. While I prefer long term RPs I am just as happy to RP something short and fun.

My focus is always the story and ensuring everyone involved gets the development and interactions that can progress their characters. ERP is perfectly fine as is a good conflict, be that verbal, rp fight or other.





  • Always looking for a job, whether that be dancer or guard, delivery, or other. A girl has to be willing to work for her next bit of rent .
  • An odd, moving tattoo of black covers her right hand up to her elbow. Slowly growing across her skin. She seems more comfortable in the darker of places now, shadows may even wisp from her like tendrils of dark smoke to the practiced eye.
  • She loves nothing as much as she loves to cook. Though sadly up until now the fare she is used to making while delicious is not what one would call fine dining. Her dream is to own a coffee and cake shop with mountains of sweet and savory pastries and treats amid a sea of drinks whipped up for everyone's delight.
  • Always seeking information of odd and intriguing artifacts for The Mythos Coterie's collection. Any such gossip will surely pull her attention.
  • Since her Mist Rage she has found herself more naturally attuned to the aether, and with her acceptance of the shadows darker arts seem drawn to her though she dreads being consumed by the aether again. A timid curiosity of what may be out there is always at the back of her mind.
  • Having lost her mate she often finds herself instinctively drawn to those of a Dominant nature. While not avidly seeking, the bite of pain seems to calm frazzled nerves and a strong hand, no matter the gender, tends to ease her nightmares.


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