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Male Miqo'Te seeking Lore-friendly Discord/In Game Long-term rp!

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I have a few rules I'd like to lay down first, then we can get into the good ol' roleplay and I'll tell you about my wee catboi.
Hi there! My name is Syl, and I like roleplaying! =3 First things first: I would prefer you to be 18+, as I am over the age of 18. This will generally be over discord, since it's by far where I'm the most active. I would like you to be at least semi-literate (meaning I'm okay with one or two sentences, as long as there's something there for me to work with.) I have depression, and can sometimes take a while to get out of a slump, so please be patient with me! ALRIGHT, ONWARD TO THE DETAILS. I have  ONE, JUST ONE character available for some long-term roleplay. Now, when I say 'long term', I mean I have had one RP partner since 2008. We've been friends a while.  (Not on FFXIV obviously, but I mean in general.)

I would very much prefer to roleplay on Discord, as I play on console and don't always have a keyboard plugged in to my system. However, if In-Game is what you want, L'vette has an apartment in Shirogane on his home world, Siren.

Now for a wee profile of le-boy.



Name: L'vette Nunh

Nicknames: Vette, Livy

Race: Miqo'te (Seeker of the Sun)

Age:  29

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heavily male-leaning Pan

DC/World: Aether-Siren

Looking for: Friends, Enemies and/or Romance

Short History: Wandered off from the original L Tribe a while back as a wee lad and found that he was good at several things. Extremely flexible--even by miqo'te standards-- and having a particular flair for the dramatic and elegant, it made perfect sense that he;'d become a dancer and apply his trade. However dancing wasn't always valid, and so he began to dabble in other things including fishing and botany. As a result, he has become a rather well-stocked merchant more often than not, and can usually acquire most things--if given the proper amount of time. He has made a series of connections--both in all the sticky, icky corners and crevices of the world, and some friends in high--and low--places. Quite a few things have happened to him though, things that color his view of the world. And while he is generally optimistic and pleasant, there is a sarcastic, biting bitterness underneath his skin.

OOC Info: I'm a female but I generally play males. I just like to get away from my real life as far as possible sometimes. Info about L'vette can--and will--usually be found out through rp. I'd prefer to rp them meeting and everything--I want organic friendships and POSSIBLY a relationship, we'll see how it works out.  Some characters may not get along and they may end up being closer to enemies and frenemies than friends, and that's 100% cool. NSFW RP? I would very much like to get to know the player AND character first. Until then, either fade to black or L'vette himself will avoid it, as he is not exactly promiscuous or easy.

Now if any of this seems up your ally, you can either send me a tell on L'vette Nunh (siren) if I'm on, or--more likely-- drop me a DM on Discord at Sylvirr#9313 even if it says I'm offline, idle, or on Do Not Disturb. Its more likely that I'm just avoiding people I don't want to talk to. =|

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Hi there! Are you still interested in an RP? 


L'vette seems well-traveled enough that he'd easily come across my Tafu at some point. ( my ad here


Tafu's on the prowl for well-paying or, at least, steady income*. Or they could meet up in some other sphere, just adventuring or whatever might suit your fancy. I'm sure they could get into some hilarious trouble together! 


*RP gil not real gil if that's not clear 



If you're interested, drop me a PM or a line on Discord Were-Ah#3299  ( I would drop you a line myself, but I'm not sure of the etiquette? )

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