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Cute Things Protection Agency (Inactive)

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"Hello Kupo!" :moogle:, yells the soft fluff ball in front you, "I have an urgent delivery!" The soft-furred moogle hands you a letter then whistles as it flies away.


Opening the packet, you find a pamphlet searching for young adventures like yourself...


"Dear Adventurer of Eorzea,


We are writing to you to inform you of a terrible tragedy striking this great realm of ours.  Although many races have begun their regrowth these past five years many innocent creatures throughout the land continue to struggle. After surviving near destruction by the hand of that greatest of battles, they now face a new threat...the races of Eorzea themselves.


We have torn the world apart and now it is time to rebuild, but we need your help. Please join the C.T.P.A. (Cute Things Protection Agency) to help revive our wonderful realm by the protection and preservation of all the adorable creatures.  


Do you find empathy in the plight of the woodland creature? Would you be interested in helping protect an endangered species of local soft-feathered chocobos? Do you wish to study the behavior of the wild Opo Opo?  Do the dancing cactuars just make you giggle? If so, you belong with us! :cactuar:


The CTPA exists for the sole purpose of protecting all cute things. We have heard rumors of adventurers aimlessly killing cute things for a mysterious substance referred to only as "expee." If you also find this horrid, join our cause, tell us about the cute things you've come across. For more information please inquire from any of our members.








The Benevolent Protectors of All Things Cute







[align=center]((OOC INFORMATION))[/align]


The C.T.P.A. is a roleplay linkshell in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.  We are currently seeking roleplayers and characters of all skills and interests to join and help build our community.



If you have a character you think would fit please considering applying or contacting one of our officers for more information.  We are looking for all types of characters, good, bad, antagonistic, etc.  If you like to roleplay, like the universe of FFXIV: ARR and want a great group of people to participate in content we want to hear from you!



RP Intensity: More than 75%

Theme: Enthusiasts, Scholars, and Adventurers

Free company: No

Recruitment: open

Server: Balmung

Website: http://ctpa.enjin.com/





Come join the C.T.P.A....saving the realm one aww at a time.


The goals of CTPA are simple:

1) Provide a welcoming environment and promote positive interaction within the game (We are LGBTQ friendly).

2) Leave our elitism at the door bringing together new players and experts as friends and family within a guild

3) Expand our creativity and skills in the form of interesting roleplay and character development

4) There is no number 4

5) Have fun!


We accept all character types (good, bad, evil, humorous, etc.) as long as they mostly follow lore or have a legitimate reason to not. We are forming as a FreeCompany to build the guild as a community in and OOC. Even if you character doesn't perfectly fit with the IC story if you are interested in joining our community stop by our website or send one of us a PM.


Stop by our website for more information and to apply!





In Character:

C.T.P.A. does not have an established heirarchy in the world of Hydaelyn; however to meet the various goals of the agency members have created separate internal societies tasked with specialized role in the overall protection of all things cute. All members are considered Protectors for all intents and purposes. Each member is expected to bring the skills their own to the table for the protection of the cute; whether it be brute protection, offensive skills or the ever valued healers. In addition to their duties as a Protector, each member is part of a specialized group within the C.T.P.A. tasked with its own unique type of adventures. Although each society works intimately with each other, members are requested to select the society most fitting with their own personality.


Society of the Squirrel: Members of this society are the knowledge seekers of Hydaelyn. Using their intricate knowledge, members of this society spend their days cataloguing, documenting and studying the history and lore of each animal, plant or location.

Society of the Chocobo: Members of this society are the explorers of Hydaelyn. Their ingenious ability to navigate and discover the hidden parts of the world have proved invaluable to the agency. Daily life for members of this society includes frequent expeditions to distant locales in preparation for the research teams and scouting of regions.

Society of the Moogle: Members of this society are the socializers of Hydaelyn. These individuals make sure the agency is connected with all the right people, creatures and places as well as creating the foundation for many of the needs of the agency. Daily life for these members will include organizing social events, founding headquarters, chartering expeditions and maintaining the network of CTPA sympathizers and not so friendlies.





The CTPA is an ancient organization with a mysterious background that has popped up in various worlds through a number of chance circumstances. In Eorzea, the agency was founded about five years after the destruction caused by Bahamut.


It is rumored that the CTPA started after its founders came into possession of an ancient tome describing the structure, purpose, and customs of the agency. How the agency has proceeded from there, my dear friend, is reliant on the decisions and fates of agency members.. and you.

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We have received some reports of errors after submitting the application.  If you submitted an application and have not received a response please send me a PM so we can find a solution.


[EDIT: Applications issues have been resolved and should be working properly]

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The CTPA will be roleplaying this weekend in Closed Beta 3 (No-strings, non-character binding).    Feel free to join us this weekend!


[EDIT] We are the Balmung (legacy) server, I'll post more info on the date and time as we get closer to the weekend.  Most likely late Friday evening (PST) and sometime midday on Saturday.  We have a temporary chat LS up in the Beta so feel free to PM either Khior'a Laanakoh or Spy'li Nmolo for an invite if we are online.

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@abnormalDeity We'll love to hear from you and more about your character.  


We are looking for all types of characters including antagonists...so if anyone is still on the fence on whether their character will fit or not get in touch with me because I am sure we can find them a place.

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We've decided to keep CTPA as a role-play linkshell. We feel with our current members a small linkshell will better foster our community and the role-play story. 


If you are interested in joining our linkshell please contact one of our officers and/or visit our webpage.  


We look forward to RPing with you when we're on and at our monthly event!

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