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The FFXIV Crystal Roleplaying discord.

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Name: The FFXIV Crystal Roleplaying discord!

Link: https://www.CrystalRoleplaying.com/discord

Brief Description:

Created in 2018 during the Fan Fest Live Letter in Las Vegas, Crystal Roleplaying is the largest roleplaying discord dedicated to FFXIV.  We welcome all data centers and roleplayers of all levels of experience. 


  • We feature channels for all aspects of FFXIV roleplaying as well as chances to RP in the server with others!
  • Post ads for RP partners, Freecompanies, Events, open housing venues for RP and real-time checks for people looking for RP right now! 
  • We support the Discord with Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter for ads and events and a Twitch channel and podcast. 
  • FFXIV fan fiction, artists and creatives, Final Fantasy games and a full set of social channels are also available!  

FFXIV Crystal RP 01.gif

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