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LF: Airship crew RP to join!


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Returning Player! RP sought like HELL!!!




Name: K'simon Tia ("Simon")

Age: 19

Gender: Male (he/him)

Race: Sun Seeker raised among Hyur

Profession: Apprentice Conjurer, still learning- LF work!

Residence: The road


Server hopping?: As long as it's not too inconvenient

Timezone: Eastern - evenings and weekends


Simon is a happy-go-lucky, plucky adventurer, young and unworldly, who wants to learn ALL THE THINGS and DO ALL THE THINGS. He is searching for an airship crew to join, and barring that, a mercenary group- 'grey' okay. He will make you smile. He will make you go: "Aww..." He will be real. He will go adventuring with you. I will go on raids and things. I'm still considered a sprout, technically- so I'd love to level and do all the things. Healer main.


Simon's Carrd!


Please reply here with all information you seek, send me a letter in-game, or DM me personally if you have any ACTIVE RP HEAVY Airship Crews that would like an errand-boy-cabin-boy-healer-b*tch. ha.


As for FCs, please: I'm LF smaller, tight-knit, active, rp heavy and adventure heavy merc group, grey okay and pref. Thanks!

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