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Treasure Hunting Gunbreaker Looking for connections

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I'm still new to RP in this game (not all up as i used to RP in WOW and also not to mention I have indeed played things like DnD) and am looking for some people to play with, you can have  a look below this if you want but my carrd's OOC also explains it.


Carrd: Efleion Berrendow

IC journal and stuff: Effy's Journal

server: Balmung

what I am looking for for RP?

-long term RP

-Short Term


-Slice of life

-pretty much anything to be honest as I just love to RP


thanks in advance and please read the Carrd for full details! you can contact me either here on my discord which is on the card


kindest regards, Efleion Berrendow

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